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The Sustainability Of The European Welfare State

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Today, let’s tale about the sustainability of European welfare state.
I have divided my presentation into 4 parts. Firstly the rationale of this presentation will be given. Secondly, I will introduce the findings of what factors influence the sustainability of European welfare state. And it include… after a conclusion of these factors. I will talk about what I have learnt from the research process and the limitations need to improve.
Some researcher argue that economic globalization is the most important factor causing the plight of European welfare state. And analyse this factor from two aspects, political and economic.
Politically, because of the higher social ...view middle of the document...

And then some other researchers argue that aging population is the most important factor. The pensions for old people constitute the biggest piece of welfare expenditure and the second largest expenditure is health care. More than 50% of the welfare spending is used in these two components. Meanwhile, the old over 65 years old account for more than 15% of European population and will increase to 20% by 2025. Because of the population aging tendency, the labour market suffer a labour shortage. The teenagers have to undertake more responsibility for the elderly. Moreover, unemployment rate, medical expense and security costs are all related to demographic factors. As a result, with more old people relying on social grants, welfare states will undertake larger financial pressure.
And then some researcher questioned the aging population is only one part of the welfare system, changes of family structure is also a serious threat. There are three main changes. A growing number of women entering labour market will lead to a rise of unemployment rate and and increase maternity-leaving cost and the baby-raising welfare. Secondly, cultural concept’s change and birth control technology’s progress leads to a sharp decline in fertility rate. Moreover, In the past 30 years, the growing number of divorce increases the proportion of single-parent families. And these families tend to be less competitive in labor market, they...

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