The Ted Bundy Case And Forensic Science

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Forensic Science and Murder: The Ted Bundy Case
Sheila Hawkins

Forensic science is the foundational element of all crime investigation procedures. Recent advances in forensic technologies make possible to resolve even the most challenging crimes. This paper tells a story of Ted Bundy, a serial killer, whose case was solved with the help of forensic science. Implications and possible changes in case investigation are proposed.
Keywords: forensic science, Ted Bundy, serial killer, case, solve.

The Ted Bundy Case
Forensic science is at the heart of all crime investigation procedures. Recent advances in forensic science make possible to solve even the ...view middle of the document...

d.). That was the last night when Martha Bowman and Lisa Levy, students of Tallahassee’s Florida State University, were alive. Later during the night a man crept into their room, leaving two bloody corpses, raped, beaten on their heads, and strangled (Ramsland, n.d.). Again, no fingerprints were found. Blood and sperm samples did not suffice to convict Bundy of the double murder. However, Bundy left a mark that would help forensic professionals to solve his case: Lisa Levy’s left buttock had an odd bite mark on it. That bite mark would guide investigators on their way to solve the complicated case.
Using bite marks as forensic evidence was extremely problematic at that time. Bundy was hiding from law enforcement professionals, and getting a dental impression from him was virtually impossible. Bundy knew that the bite mark he left on Lisa Levy’s buttock made a perfect connection. He even tried to grind his teeth, in order to change his bite (Ramsland, n.d.). However, the investigators managed to get his dental impression. They photographed his upper and lower teeth and noticed an uneven pattern that was very similar to the one they found on Lisa Levy. During the trial the investigators proved that Bundy’s dental impression matched the bite mark on Lisa Levy, and the judge had no doubts that Bundy was guilty of the crime. He was sentenced to death, and that was also the first time bite-mark testimony was used in Florida’s legal history (Ramsland, n.d.).
It should be noted that, by the time the trial began, tissue samples from Lisa Levy had been lost (Ramsland, n.d.). I understand why the investigator used the...

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