The Teen Outreach Project Essay

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The Teen Outreach Project
Takesha McCaleb
MGMT404 Project Management
Jennifer Paul
December 13, 2011

Table of Contents
Scope Statement1
Reporting Structure of team members………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………...3
Work Breakdown Structure4
Risk Management Plan5
Communication Plan…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………11

Scope Statement:
Goal Definition
There are so many teens in the city of Dayton and surrounding cities that have gotten off to a bad start and would like the chance to turn their life around with a little assistance. We have teens that are having babies with no place to go. There are teens that are on drugs and would like to get away ...view middle of the document...

My plan is not to exceed the budget of $200,000 during the course of this project and have this completed within 18 months. Project completion and grand opening scheduled for the middle of April 2013.

Project Deliverables
When this project is completed we will have a facility that will provide shelter for the teens that do not have a place to go. Provide food for teens that do not have food whether they have a place to go or not. This center will provide clothes for the less fortunate teens for everyday wear and also find donations of clothing so that teens can wear on interviews. We would like for the facility to be able to provide job assistance for teens. Also for the teens that are managing to stay in school throughout their downfall we would like to provide tutoring assistance and education assistance whether it is helping them get their GED or get enrolled into a college.

Scope Defined and Approved | January 15th |
Site for facility determined | March 12th |
Loan applied for and approved | June 15th |
Licensing and permit applications completed | June 30th |
Furniture and equipment moved in | August 20th |
Sponsors and Aid determined | October 1st |
Staff interviewed and hired | November1st |
Staff trained | December 30th |
Advertisement completed | January 15th |
Final Inspection completed | April 15th |

Technical Requirements
This facility will need ten rooms for teens to be able to occupy. This facility will need four rooms for office space for the advisors and counselors. This facility will need a kitchen, lounge, and a social room for the teens to go in their free time. This facility will need computers and desks so that teens can do research and also find employment. This facility will need beds, pillows, sheets, towels and shower facility for the teens who reside at the facility.

Reporting Structure of Team Members

The Board of Directors of the city of Dayton will be responsible for the final approval of the project and will determine the success level at completion. The Executive Committee will facilitate risk probabilities and scope changes. This committee will meet with the Project Manager should cost or duration problems arise. The Review Committee will conduct the final inspection and audit, which will be presented to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. The findings within the scheduled and final audits will help determine the degree of success the project achieved. Day to day decision making responsibilities will be based on levels of concern, as shown in the matrix below. Operational decisions will be delegated to the appropriate level, however, should a problem arise that might affect duration or cost of the activity, it shall be brought to the immediate attention of the Project Manager.

Decision Making and Concern Levels Matrix Level | Type | Responsible Party(ies) |
One | Project Completion | Board of Directors |
Two |...

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