The Theory Of The Portuguese Discovery Of Australia

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1.1 The Treaty of Tordesillas

1.11 Why the Treaty was needed

The Treaty was originally intended to resolve disputes between Spain and Portugal over newly discovered lands. The treaty was signed on the 7th of June 1494. In one of the papal bulls, lands to the west of the line would be Spains and nothing was mentioned about Portugal, regarding the east of the line. The treaty would be constantly renegotiated even 250 years after the treaty was signed. But the one that affects the theory of the Portuguese Discovery of Australia, is the original one.

1.12 Where the world was split

It divided the world into two between Portugal and Spain. The line was drawn about 480km to the ...view middle of the document...

Coincidently, the line comes out right through the middle of Australia.

1.2 The Great Lisbon Earthquake

1.21 The Lisbon Earthquake

In the morning of the 1st of November 1755, an earthquake hit Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. I will only go through the relevant details regarding this earthquake. Such was its intensity the earthquake created fissures five-metres high. A lot of the buildings in Lisbon were destroyed. Considering that, you’d expect only the buildings to have been collapsed and that any documents in important places such as Libraries and National Archives to be partially safe. But you’d be wrong as fire soon broke out after the earthquake and 40 minutes after the end of the earthquake a tsunami hit Lisbon. In areas not affected by the tsunami, fire kept raging for up to five days. Utter and complete destruction. Only one building still resembles what it looked like before the earthquake but the roof was destroyed and everything inside it was destroyed.

1.22 Everything that was destroyed

Everything in Lisbon was destroyed, everything including documents, buildings, archives of Portuguese History and lots more. This contributes to the theory of the Portuguese Discovery of Australia because, assuming that Portuguese...

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