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Michael Bilyou
Eng. 102- Essay 1
P. Rambadt
“The Thing in the Forest” by A.S. Byatt tells the story of a child Primrose who may suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder and creates the characters of Alys and Penny to help with her struggle during the story. Throughout the story Primrose comes to terms with her traumatic experience and becomes one strong female character both physically and mentally strong. Similarly the characters of Primrose from the gripping teen fiction novels of “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins and Alice from Alice in wonderland. Both these characters come to face with an experience that would test them and come out stronger than before alike to ...view middle of the document...

As Primrose and Penny start to enter the forest, Penny want to explore the vast depths of the forest and Primrose wants to stay near the opening where the fence of the house is visible. As both go further in the get spooked by ‘The Thing” a dark opaque figure that is coming near destroying the land around it. The children terrified left the forest and returned to house to find Alys missing. This childhood innocence of primrose no longer existed that should grip onto after facing such a creature. The following day Primrose and Penny are relocated into new homes separately (Byatt 39). Primrose after facing two traumatic experiences now has to handle herself on her own terms and must come to terms with these.
Primrose grew up into adulthood never really attending school taking care of other and Penny the strength of Primrose became a child psychologist (Byatt 40). Primrose grew into a strengthful woman until the passing of her mother where she later returned to the house in the country side to face her first trauma of being dropped of on a train in the country side and saw The thing in the forest, These is where we see Penny return to help Primrose with the strength to return into the forest and find the mysterious thing first witnessed. When they entered all they came to see was furry forest animals running in the clearing where the first saw the thing. Self-doubt grew into what feared Primrose if she actually saw the thing to begin with (Byatt 42). After Primrose and Penny leave the forest they had arranged to meet for dinner but neither of them showed up or arranged to swap addresses where they were staying. Primrose after facing her fear of returning the forest was able to gain the strength she finally needed and no longer needed Penny her “inner strength” to be there for her.
Alike Primrose in Byatt’s short story Primrose Everdeen a twelve year old girl in a dystopian futuristic society faces experiences that will ultimately change her. In “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins an annual event of strength, honor, and courage occur where one female of age twelve to eighteen and one male age twelve to eighteen are placed into arena to fight to death. On the 74th annual Hunger games Primrose is pooled and selected as the young female tribute. Her sister Katniss vowed to protect her innocent...

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