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In the book “The Things They Carried” written by Tim O’Brian, uses a plethora of strategies to give the reader a deeper incite into the day life of an American solider during the Vietnam War. O’Brian shares with us his extensive knowledge and first-hand experience throughout the novel. Now O’Brian does give us some information on characters such as Curt Lemon on their personality, experience, and etc. Now Curt Lemon is not that famous of a character but, he does things that inspire the author and his men in his platoon. One way O’Brian makes Curt Lemon stand out his is personality, the actions he makes, and how the character never changes.
First of all, Curt Lemon is a solider in the platoon. His personality changes form one thing to another. One way Curt stands out his the way he goofs around. Rat Kiley and Curt were messing around by throwing smoke bombs at each other after they just arrived from a long journey to Vietnam. He’s ...view middle of the document...

Now the man was perfectly ok. The dentist pulled it out and he walked away with more courage than anyone proving to them that he is not afraid. (Truly he was afraid) Due to his fooling around with weapons and such, he is basically the childish and careless solider in his platoon, but he is also the most courageous man out of all of them. He shows fear a lot during his time to serve. He fears of everything that is harmless. For instants, he is afraid of a leaf, not saying it’s true, but it’s just an example. He demonstrates his capacity to endure suffering in the face of adversity.
The actions Curt Lemon makes are not the best choices a man can make. He plays with smoke bombs while on patrol. He’s not paying attention to what’s going on and can be killed along with his other soldiers. Another thing he does his right after he finishes with the dentist is go back to fooling around. He’s not paying attention and steps on a landmine killing him while throwing smoke grenades again while on patrol. He doesn’t even have a flashlight with him. It’s midnight and he doesn’t have light to see where he is going. These actions of him not paying attention got himself killed and possibly have gotten his platoon killed. It’s all fun and games until some gets hurt and this just happened. He doesn’t even have a flashlight with him, making it even more dangerous for him and his platoon.
Curt Lemon has been such a mess. He’s fooled around his whole life, then goes to the military and still manages to fool around. He has not changed one bit. He knows this is the world’s hardest jobs and if you screw around, you must pay a consequence. He payed his consequence by killing himself because he did not pay attention and not having a flashlight with him. If he didn’t fool around as much as he would like, he would still be living, but no, let’s screw around until someone gets hurt. After his death, I’m sure his platoon learned the first time not to play around and to not pay attention while on patrol learning it from Curt.
In conclusion, these are the characteristics that made Curt Lemon stand out from the rest of his platoon. These are also the characteristiscs Tim O’Brian wanted Curt to have in the book “The Things They Carried”

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