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The Three Sisters Review

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11th August 2011
Anton Chekhov
Dunstan Playhouse
Adam Cook
The State Theatre Company
The Three Sisters
Production Company: Director:
Date Viewed:

Anton Chekov’s The Three Sisters is a naturalistic performance expressing the interactions between the social classes in a century old Russia and the continuous search for a meaning to their existence. This intriguing and tragic piece of theatre was made truly enjoyable through the use of the peculiar merging of two distinctly different eras, the jumps through time and the particularly accurate outlook of the Russian society of 1911. The grown Serghyeevna children face multiple situations across the ...view middle of the document...

This was achieved by creating the top half a replica of a modern age, building whilst the bottom is a replica of a broken down, period house belonging to the Russian aristocracy.

Sound was used frequently during the play. However, the most noticeable use of sound was the murmurs of the sisters at the beginning and end of the performance. This expresses the sisters’ search for meaning and happiness as well as their thoughts on how they’ll be remembered. This intertwines with Cook’s efforts in creating a lost memory feel to the performance; helping the audience understands the concept. Sound was also used for numerous sound effects such as the sounds of the town during the fire. This creates a sense of believability amongst the audience. The most frequent use of lighting was spotlights. This was used to draw the audience’s attention towards key characters or points of the play. This was useful as the set and numerous characters made the stage often overflowing with detail making it otherwise difficult for the audience to focus on the right point. Lighting was also used to change day to night, expressing the passage of time to the audience.

Ksenja Logos played Masha Serghyeevna as a quiet, young woman who faces a hopeless and tragic love triangle. Unlike her other two sisters Masha no longer believes she’ll ever return to Moscow, or find true happiness again. The character was made believable as the audience could relate to the manner in which she lashed out at those around her like most teenagers. Her great flaw in falling in love with the Colonel also gave her character believability as it bought her out of the aloof and withdrawn persona she had originally created within the opening scenes of the play. This fatal flaw is what makes the audience sympathise with her, being one of the most important things for a character to achieve: relating to the audience.

Alexander Vershinin, played by Peter O’Brien, is presented as a philosophic and highly optimistic man who despite current situations remains loyal to those around him. Vershinin tries to maintain a hope that all they have done will result in a brighter future and shares a brief affair with Masha. Vershinin is made believable...

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