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"The Tiger's Heart" Essay

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The most important theme in the short story, "The Tigers Heart" is power. Themain character in this story is more powerful than everyone else because he hassomething they do not. In order to maintain this power, he is forced to cover up his ownbravery.This is a story about a man who, asked to hunt a tiger with a rifle, kills it with amachete and covers it up to protect his status in the village.In a small jungle village of Latin America the day is very different from thenight. Everybody is tense during the darkness, except for Pepe because he has a rifle.One night there was a ruckus which Pepe decided to ignore; he ...view middle of the document...

' They talked up a deal and Pepe was off with his rifle to catch this ferocious tiger.Pepe went to look at the tracks of the tiger, to tell where it had last been. He already noticed that he had an advantage over the beast; his front left paw [the tiger] had been injured. Pepe began to leave the village in search of this tiger. As he departed, the people of the village stared in admiration. Pepe began to walk through the forest following the tracks of the tiger when all of a sudden he sees the tiger feasting on the goat. Pepe was a little too close for comfort but he didn't care. This symbolized Pepe's bravery. He raised the barrel, aimed at the head and shot! It was not he had expected. Pepe had forgotten to load his rifle!Pepe jerked back to reality, but he took time to think of his rifle, leaning it lovingly against a tree and in the same motion jerking his machete from its sheath.Pepe swung his machete with a downward motion and stopped just before hitting the tigers back. Pepe knew the only way to kill the tiger would be to thrust the blade into the beast's throat, so that's what he did. The tiger died almost instantly. Pepe then took the rifle and blew a hole through the tiger's neck-hiding the stab wound- for he knew that the man with a rifle stays in power.As you can see power is indeed an important theme in this short story. At the end of this story our main character remains in power because of his act of disillusionment.

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