The Title Is "Armed And Dangerous."

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Armed and Dangerous, should mental patients have the right to own a gun?October 17, 2003I am writing in response to your article, "Armed and Dangerous," which aired last October on 60 minutes. I hope that you will find a different point of view after reading my letter. There is a law that exists today in which mentally ill people are prevented from purchasing guns. This law, The Brady Bill, was first put into action when President Reagan was shot and almost killed by a former mental hospital patient. But like all laws, this law has a loophole that various people can get through. In the past few years there have been several cases in which mental patients have purchased guns and used them to ...view middle of the document...

Yes it is against a person's personal privacy, but there is a certain amount of freedom that must be given up In order to maintain peace for everyone. I can see both arguments have their correct points but not everyone can get their wayThe right to own a gun is based upon a person using that gun in a responsible manner. On the other hand some times the proper use of the gun is not the problem. The proper use of a gun can be directly related to the mental state of a person. I think that gun lobbyists see something that is related to guns and they just run with the opposition because of its relation to guns. The problem is not with the gun, though. The problem is in the hands of the owner. If a person is mentally ill then it is in the best interest of the people to keep a gun out of their hands.One of the interviewees, Dr. Howard Zonana said that he is torn between the rights of his patients and the safety of people every where. "As a doctor and treater of patients, there are certainly a number of people that I would not wanna see have guns. Because I think that whatever the risk is, however low, it's not worth the risk." As a person in favor of gun regulation I believe that people who use their guns for sport, hunting, and so on, have the right to...

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