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The Tools For Research Essay

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Research can be very difficult to do if there is no blueprint to follow. However thanks to Leedy and Ormond (2010) we now have 8 characteristics that are the basis for our research but we have no tools. Tools are necessary for any task because they make the job easier to complete. The same applies to conducting research. We have the blueprint now we just need the right tools. Leedy and Ormrod (2010) list the general tools which include the human mind, the computer and its software, the library and its resources, statistics, measurement techniques and language. This paper will describe each task while placing emphasis on the most important to the least important tool. This paper will also ...view middle of the document...

The computer also makes all of the other general tools possible and easy to execute. There are limitless capabilities when using the computer.
The third most important tool is the library and its resources. The library gives one access to all of the research that was previously done by others. It houses information that will help in current or future studies. There is also a librarian there to assist with information gathering. Often times it may be difficult to find things over the internet without knowing the exact keywords to help with the search. However with the library, you have a real person to assist you. The information that you get is also tangible. There are plenty of books and journal articles in the same field that you can take and read on the spot. If there are no books on the shelves in a particular field of interest, there is also access to computers and the internet. The methods of using the library are similar to using the computer in that one may be able to collect data, send and receive data and interpret it.
The fourth important general tool is statistics. Leedy and Ormond (2010) state that statistics have two principal functions: to help the researcher (1) describe the data and (2) draw inferences from the data. Statistics are an important tool because they help the researcher to analyze data that they have collected. Without statistics, the research process would be just information gathering. However research is much more than that. After the information is collected, statistics allows researchers to make assumptions and draw conclusions on what they have found. The method of using statistics is an important tool that is needed to determine if the premise was correct and or...

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