The Torture Of Sign Waving Essay

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Andre Long
Mon-Wed 1900
February 11, 2008

The Torture of Sign Waving

Ever listen to motivational speeches on the radio? Are you down on your luck with no income? Need something to get your life going again by doing something constructive? Here is a possibility, become a sign waver, that’s right point big colorful arrows at apartment complexes. Earn money on the weekends. Little did I know these types of advertisements were like a lure to hook a fish.

My life as a signing professional began as a way to kill time, until a real job came along that kept food in my mouth. I was not completely overwhelmed with excitement while pondering the possibility, no one says I ...view middle of the document...

When I begin work in the morning I stare at the same gas station, the same Taco Bell, the same run down furniture store all day until the end of my shift. The buildings lean side ways as my mind plays tricks on me. I wish for a change of in this monotonous routine.

Finally it is launch break and I must decide what to do with myself. Most of the time I have no money and I sit and look at the clouds on the curve of the side walk. This is the shortest part of the work day, time zooms by so fast I feel like I did not have a break at all, with no comfortable place to sit down, I move around a lot to avoid getting blisters.

This is an outdoor job so I am able to stretch when needed. Sometimes I can perform lightweight exercise, but the most exercise I get is by moving the sign all day, making it move up and down, side to side and around and around. A full day of this constant motion and anyone’s arms would get tired. Every thirty to forty-five minutes I have to take a quick break. At this new location people are beginning to take notice as I put on my fake plastic smile. Vehicles will stop by and the passengers inside will ask to see me flip the big arrow in the air and catch it behind my back as they crank up their car stereo.

You may think listening to music would be a good idea. In reality this is where you experience first hand that many radio stations don’t have real DJ’s any more. Most of their songs that are played come from an automated play list, which repeat the same set of songs over and over all day long. You will become so acquainted with this system that you can predict the order of the songs that will play and a rough time estimate of when they will play. The radio contributes to the same old routine. And that is assuming you can get reception at all. At the first location mentioned where it was dead quite, my walkman radio only picked up static.

At populated intersections many people are walking around and occasionally they come up to me. Every time I wonder what’s coming? The kids often make fun of me in my ridiculous Gilligan’s...

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