The Tragic Story Of Victor Hugo

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Victor Hugo’s life was full of sad tragic events and political affairs. Hugo once said, “To die is nothing; but it is terrible not to live.” And living is exactly what Hugo accomplished. He wrote numerous stories and essays, lived a vivacious love life and had heated opinions about the government in France. In the end of it all though, Hugo was a great romantic author who still lives on today in his works of literature.
Before Victor Hugo there was Joseph Lēopold-Sigsbert Hugo and Sophie Trēbuchet. Mr. Hugo was a soldier for Napoleon’s army in France, while Sophie was an orphan living with her aunt. Mr. Hugo believed himself to be a hero because he survived being shot through the neck, ...view middle of the document...

Though he was not like his other brothers who were interested by playing war and strategy games; Hugo was more interested in drawing animals and humans. At this age he wrote little plays and created the backdrops and stages for them. They boys also had schooling in France, but it was incomplete due to the number of times they moved.
In 1817, Hugo received his first taste of fame at age 15 when he entered a poem contest at the Acadēmie Française. No one could fathom that a boy of his young age could write as well as he did and for this reason he did not win the grand prize but received a mention honorable. He was also fairly young when he became secretly engaged to his childhood friend, Adèle Foucher, in 1819; she was only 15. This young romance was soon spoiled though when Adēle’s parents found Hugo’s love letter and forbade them to see each other.
Hugo’s young adulthood was not filled with happy times. In 1821 Sophie became ill with consumption, known today as tuberculosis. Sophie moved to Mezieris where she became better but fell ill once again. Then in June1821, she died from tuberculosis after she fell ill again. Hugo was shaken by his mother’s death but his brother Eugéne was even more. Though Hugo did realize he could not do what he wanted to do: marry Adēle.
At last the long-awaited marriage happened on October 12, 1822. Hugo was upset at his father for failing to attend to his marriage because Mr. Hugo married his new mistress. Eugēne had a secret though; he too loved Adèle. In the middle of the feast Eugēne went into hysteria and entered a separate room to calm down. When the family came to check on him, he had “lit a score of candles and with saber in hand had proceeded to hack all the furniture in the room to pieces” (Josephson 87). Eugēne received shock therapy which seemed to help but he was then sent to an insane asylum where he died in 1837.
The Hugo’s had a total of five children with only one dying during infancy. They had their first child, Léoplod, in 1823; sadly their first son died three months after birth. A year later they had their first daughter, Léopoldine and three years later their second child, Charles-Victor, was born. Their third son, Françios-Victor, was born in 1827. The family finally had another daughter in 1829, Adēle. In the time between their third and fourth child, Hugo’s father died. Higo was at great a great loss because he felt his father was the only parent who truly loved him.
In 1830 one of Hugo’s most famous plays, Hernani, was preformed. This is also the year he started Notre-Dame de Paris, though today it is known as The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. A year later Notre Dame was published, but received grave criticism such as “the most abominable book ever written” (Robb 158). Hugo’s parent’s bad marriage may have had an impact on his own. Around this time Hugo’s close friend, Sainte-Beuve, who appeared to live at the Hugo residence, fell in love with Adèle. The affair started in 1831 and...

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