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The Trial Review

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Unit 2: Exploring play texts: Documentary Response to Live Theatre: The Trial by Devised Splendid.

On Tuesday 11th of January 2011, we watched a performance of ‘The Trial’ written by Franz Kafka in the 1920’s and performed by Devised Splendid. We watched this performance in the drama studio at school and it was performed in the style ‘end-on’ which means that the audience were not positioned oddly, they were sat opposite the stage. The performance started as soon as we entered the room and the characters were all in role throughout the show. The protagonist was called Josef K and played by Rosie McKay. At the start of the piece Josef K was arrested for an unknown reason, which left the ...view middle of the document...

Another thing that they used the red rope for was when they were whipping Josef K in the execution scene and they also passed the rope around the audience at some point and told random people to hold it. The aim of this was to show people what it felt like to be picked on for no reason!

Throughout the whole performance they were using a projector screen. The aim of this was to tell the audience what the scene was about. The screen also showed a small quote about the scene. For example, the whipping scene the quote on the screen was “It’s not your fault if bad things happen to other people”.

They also used vocal sounds. When they did this it broke the tension and the seriousness of the performance, showed a commenting on society and made it funnier. Because of that, it made the audience question society and our government.

The practitioner of this style of theatre was Bertolt Brecht which makes the style of this play ‘Brechtian’. One of the main ideas of this genre of theatre is that the audience are not separated from the subject of theatre through the illusion of the fourth wall. This was achieved by the actors addressing the audience directly. Another way they achieved this was saying their stage directions as they moved across the stage. This constantly reminded the audience they were seeing a play and that it was fiction! Some of the other things they included were; political messages, audience signs and costume changes in front of the audience to show that they were still in theatre.

In this performance there were only three actors. Therefore, to create more characters they multi-rolled, apart from the protagonist. The protagonist was played by Rosie McKay. This character (Josef K) was more naturalistic than the other characters, because of this, it allowed the...

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