The Truth Be Told Essay

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Importance of the truth

After arriving that afternoon she could be bother to do much, she didn’t want to cook, she didn’t want to clean, so she thought to herself “I’ll just head to the bar, they love me there” when she got to the pub in her black skinny jeans, white skin tight singlet and a deep red leather jacket she was no more than unsurprised to see a line of people overflowing the streets; they all just wanted to get in, girls in animal print dresses, in shoes so high they couldn’t do a single let alone even walk properly. As she headed for the back door of the pub, she opened in and got inside.

Sitting down at the bar she ordered a beer, she wasn’t hungry anymore, sometimes ...view middle of the document...

She lets loose a small one sided smile as she raises the beer to her lips and takes a sip.

As her watch strikes 1 am she realised that she needs to go home, she steps out into the streets the wind howling past her as she walks home through the chilly night she folds her arms to try keep warms. She is still another 3 or more hours of a walk till home and there are no taxis around so she has no choice but to walk, ‘CRASH’ she jumps and turns around only to see that a cat at knocked over a trash can trying to find something to eat, she takes a moment to get her breathe as she turns around she runs into him; she jumps and steps back “How was the beer?” he asked, all she can see is his slight smile and his bold blue eyes shining in the darkness; “Good thanks, I guess” she replied not knowing what to say. They stand in deafening silence and just look at each other, after a moment “Well I need to head home now” she announces, he just nodded and walked past her and left her there all alone.

As she is walking the street lights become more and more something from the past almost as if they don’t exist. Out of nowhere she’s grabbed from behind and she is shoved against a dumpster, a giant God like hand reaches to her mouth and smoothers it so she can’t scream, he zip ties her hands together and puts duct-tape over her mouth, he than drags her to a wall and shoves her facing it, as tears of fear, sadness, anger and shame run down her face he rips her pants off, he rips her favourite jacket off, he then...

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