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The Truth Behind Servant Leadership Essay

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With the realization that healthcare has succumbed to a business model, the demand for outstanding leadership is an essential component in the success of any business. Nurses are an intricate part of the healthcare arena with the profession expected to become the second largest occupation by 2014 (Sullivan & Decker, 2009). Dispelling myths for this volume of nurses needs to be paramount in order to provide a clear vision void of misconceptions. One particular myth is that leaders are at the top of the pyramid and need to be served. Debunking this myth can provide a better understanding of a prosperous nursing leader’s function. This nurse found the myth to be of importance because working in ...view middle of the document...

According to Sherman and Poss 2010 flourishing leadership styles involve a “paradigm shift from a traditional command-and-control style of staff supervision toward a transformational style of leadership in which leaders enhances the motivation, morale, and performance of their follower groups”. The relationship between this transformational leadership style and staff satisfaction was immense. The leader found team players who wanted to participate. This type of leadership is a far cry from the single leader pyramid. The piece provided an instance of where the nurse manager formulated an action plan for an individual nurse who had excellent clinical skills but lacked patience. The plan incorporated a shared goal of enhancing decision making and at the same time improving the nurse’s skill necessary for performance improvement (Sherman & Pross, 2010).
According to Bally 2007 transformational leadership is motivating, personalized, influential, and mentally stimulating. Additionally, leadership was a collective undertaking shared by nursing administrators and nurses, with all member being responsible for the outcome. With an emphasis on all registered nurses being leaders despite their positions. The leaders took on a mentoring role that enhances the common good, satisfies the individual, and promotes quality healthcare outcomes (Bally, 2007). The pyramid leader would have a difficult time nurturing this environment from one solidity position at the top. Not to mention how could all nurses be leaders if only one leader is at the top of pyramid?
Finally Buerhaus 2010 found that in an effort to” transform care at the bedside” the leader needed to give up authority and...

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