The Truth Between The Lies Essay

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Amira M. Hussein
Professor Wendt
The Truth Between The Lies

Lying is inevitable. We see it in our everyday lives. We see it in the moments we used to tell our mothers we were done with our homework. We witness it pour out of the mouths of politicians. We even see it in those that we trust the most. Little white lies are the most common, outward lies are often less common; even so they are both considered lies. Lies come in many degrees, but their purpose is the same, lies are meant to deceive. Stephanie Ericsson plunges deep into this subject. She mentions in her article “The Ways We Lie” that a lie, whether in good faith or not is never a good thing to do. The ...view middle of the document...

Likewise, people who believe that black men are dangerous, or women belong only at home haven’t considered any alternatives. They haven’t gone and explored for themselves or even questioned the ideas proposed to them. This is often the case with racism and sexism. They have decided to believe blindly in a stereotype, and in result have lost their originality and doomed themselves to a costly consequence.
When we look deeply into the cause of racism, specifically the discrimination of black men in the United States we see that is really complex. The black man never said he wanted to be abused, ashamed and looked down upon. Even so he was, and he never got to decide how great he could become, it was the general public that decided it. Even though African American people were taken as slaves in the past, mistreated and deprived of natural rights it is them that are perceived as dangerous criminals. Which when common sense is used makes no sense at all, but that alternative idea only comes into play when group thinking doesn’t.
Group thinking is the main cause of racism, and media is the main source of group thinking. It’s much, much easier to accept the ideas given to us from the media then to draw our own conclusions. So in the past when all that was on the media was all white sitcoms and famous white people without a colored person in sight, what message does that give to the general public? When in this ‘Great’ country it wasn’t until 2008 that a non white president was elected, what message does that hand to the public? So the country as a whole basically decided that black people simply weren’t good enough as whites, without discussing the alternatives. In result we have automatically adopted group thinking and disowned originality.
Another example of this ignorant adoption is the idea that women are meant to be housewives and nothing else. It’s amazing how for a very long time society has held down women with stereotypical notions of submissiveness and household duties. These ideas were accepted nationwide; again, people accepted this theory without even thinking of how women felt or if it was the right thing to do. When asked why, people would respond with, “It’s always been this way,” as if that was a legitimate excuse. So women fought against it for years but it took a very long time to change things
This concept of lying to make a whole country against one particular group in order to make them perceive in the way you want is deceitful and not...

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