The Truth To The Controversy Of Abortion: Pro Life

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Includes a work cited page and parenthetical documentationOver 4,000 children are killed by abortion in the U.S. every day. Every 20 seconds 1 fetus is aborted. Think about this, every 1 in 4 in our generation is not living, because they were killed before they were born. There has been great controversy concerning the subject of abortion. The banning of abortion, to some, is considered unconstitutional. However, some feel it is morally wrong to kill an unborn child. I am among those who feel that abortion is both morally and ethically wrong. I do feel however, that there are exceptions and cases in which abortions should be permitted; such as rape victims, incest victims, and a pregnancy in ...view middle of the document...

Electric brain waves have been recorded as early as the 40th day after conception. Between 20 and 22 weeks the first synapses begin to form among the neurons in the cortex, the part of the brain that deals with thoughts and perception. "At some stage, maybe at around 22 weeks, perhaps not until 30 weeks, the fetus is capable of feeling pain" (Dworkin17). 22 weeks is during the second trimester, when it is still legal to get an abortion in the United States. Even if the woman gets an abortion before 22 weeks when it is said that the fetus is incapable of feeling pain, still it is not morally right. We do not take away the moral rights of people in a coma or under anesthetic and kill them solely because they cannot feel pain.Currently, twenty weeks is considered the accepted minimum age a baby can survive outside the mother's womb. With all of this evidence, one is tempted to say that the fetus is both human and alive, wouldn't you say? Even if some argue that the fetus is not a person, they cannot deny the fact that the fetus is potentially a person. What primarily makes killing wrong is neither its effect on the murderer nor its effect on the victim's friends and relatives, but it's direct effect on the victim. The direct victim of abortion is the unborn child, an unborn child who both human and alive.Most, if not all women who have abortions suffer from a condition called PAS (post abortion syndrome). With PAS the woman is unable to deal with the fear, anger, and sadness surrounding the abortion. She is described as being self-condemning for the decision, and may feel ashamed. The woman feels as though she violated her moral code. Detailed symptoms include: guilt, anxiety, psychological "numbing", depression, flashbacks of the abortion experience, preoccupation with becoming pregnant again, anxiety over fertility and child bearing issues, interruption of the bonding process with children, survival guilt, eating disorders, alcohol abuse, dug abuse, self punishing and self degrading behaviors. Some self-degrading behaviors may include brief reactive psychosis; which is a sudden display of psychotic behavior that lasts up to two weeks, and anniversary syndrome; which is when a woman feels guilty on the due date of her recently aborted child. PAS is a very serious syndrome, which can result in suicide or other very adverse factors.Sterility in women is the most feared long-term complication of having an abortion. This can result from scarring from infection caused by the abortion. It can also result from the surgical procedure. If the suction curette scrapes and cuts to deeply across the tube opening, these can scar shut, and the women can then become sterile. Women who had one induced abortion had a 17.5% miscarriage rate in subsequent pregnancies, as compared to a 7.5% rate in a non-aborted group (Richardson & Dickson 1303-4).Many research has been done on the subject of abortion and its link to breast cancer. Research at the Fred Hutchinson...

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