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The Two Powerful Positions: Management And Leadership

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Management and Leadership Paper

November 16, 2008

Management and Leadership are two powerful positions. Although they are associated with one another, usually leadership is perceived with a personality and vision which differs from mere management since management rather simply make use of organizational skills that are set. In this paper I will differentiate between leadership and management and how the roles plays in creating and maintaining a healthy organization professionally and personality.
In all organization both management and leadership are required. They are essential in their own ways. Management is not leadership; in fact management’s main focus is to conduct ...view middle of the document...

Managers do not always hold the traits and expertise of a leader, but the two positions have on business operations and cannot work apart. Although management may not work as well as a leader, they are great in accomplishing organizational goals. The organization could be a school, a city, a business, or any governmental entity. In order for management to achieve their goals they use the four key functions; which are, planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Leaders may use these functions as well, but the managers direct it. Management uses planning as a strategy, tactical, or contingency to see what can be implemented to achieve the goals of the company. Planning can determine the standards and quality that needs to be met when completing the tasks. Organizing is used to allocate resources that management needs to arrange a framework for the workers; which in turn would help the business achieve its goals. Management uses directing to carry out assignments, organizational policies, and informing workers on how well they are performing. As for controlling, management needs to determine if the company’s goals and objectives are being met. Management can set the standards of performance for each worker and also monitors the finances and the need of the business. Controlling allows management determines what is not needed in the business. Managers have to possess many skills. Since technology advances and grows, management skills are constantly changing as well. Great managers need to be able to think outside the box, to look at the world around them, to think globally—not just how the business has always been done (Kibort, M. Phillip). Managers need to have human skills, computer skills, communication skills, time-management skills, and technical skills.
Management can be complex as well as a Leader. Leadership does not come that easily because of the title one can possess, (manager or supervisor). Being and effective leader can be rare because what makes a great leader are the trails and ordeals they experience when working with variety personality and settings. Usually great leaders have their fair share of roadblocks that awakened them to the greater potential within their range of influence. People are more productive when they have optimal experience, a sense of flow to their personal and professional lives (Gray, Clifford F.; Larson, Erik W). An effective leader is one that has great communication skills. A good leader listens carefully to the facts and makes decisions based on the goal analysis of those facts. Further more, a leader mains focus is to motivate people from their actions; such as, showing respect, reflecting, listening, and negotiating through conflict. A leader believes in learning from the strengths and weaknesses of the subordinates and uses this in a group dynamic to help one another. Empowered leaders facilitate action and results, often...

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