The Un Ethical Stealing Of An Employee Sales

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Whistle Blowing On A Manager Ethical Or Not

Is Whistle Blowing On A Manager Ethical Or Not?
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Dealing with whistle blowing on the store manager, I found to have great internal ethical conflict. Even with none of this situation being my fault I still managed to want to consider how it would affect him, his family and other employees lives. How was the store manager being un- ethical and should I feel bad about the blowing the whistle, in this situation?
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01 phone I sold I would get payed for a $300.00 dollar sale which was direct profit for my pay. As any great sales person does he or she learns the ropes to master the area of personal manipulation. I did it very well, after a month on the job I was a selling machine selling at least two phones a day then six getting to as many as ten a day. After a two week selling spree, I just knew I would have the biggest check I had ever had I was excited and pay day came and it wasn’t. My take home was $665 dollars. Something was wrong I talked to my Mike as he said it was right. He never knew that I reviewed the rules for sales related to cell phones so I started to investigate. The main computer had logged all sales and had shown my sales up to $3000.00 for the two week period. The day before payroll cut off, I had returns and my numbers dropped Mike sales had taken the lead then payroll was ran. I monitered this for another month to make sure I was not crazy and to get proof of what was happening. I put together a package and stated what happened. Printouts of all sales that where made with dates and amounts. Showing what I was paid and what I should have been paid. I asked to meet with the regional manager and I presented my case. He was amazed at how in depth I had gone. He could review his corporate computers at any time to verify what was going, on the same day. I told him I just requested what I was owed and I was turning in my resignation at the same moment. I didn't want to be known as the problem child...

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