The Unending War Essay

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There are often stories in the news of soldiers retuning from combat injured, but sometimes the injury is not a visible one. Many of the men and women in our armed forces suffer from the memories of pain and anguish they endured during combat. This dibiltating disorder is refered to as PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and i know first hand how serious it can be. Being diagnosed with the disorder while still in combat had made the remainder of my tour even more stressful, and then bringing the fight home has hindered my daily life almost to the breaking point at times. Also the way that i have been treated differently by friends and family is a daily reminder of what caused my ...view middle of the document...

The general view in the military is that everyone has their own problems, and are best left alone to fix them. This was true until one day i had a violent outburst while at work. The only real issue with this outburst was that i couldnt recall it ever happening, which really meant to me that i needed help. The help that i recieved was not what i had needed however, it had come in the form of powerful medications and sleep aids. The only outcome i could ever derive from these drugs was simply admitting to myself that i was not fit to be around "normal" people anymore, and that there was nothing i could do about it. So i simply went on with my daily life, none around me even know that i was not medicated. Learning to live with my mind constantly in a state of disarray became a gruelling task. I was constantly feeing detached, even numb to who and what was around me.

There is no feeling worse than when those you love and care for seem to feel nothing but pity for you, and strangers harbor such ill will to someone who has done what they never could. After i had the uncontrolled outburst, everything seemed to change for the worse. Instead of offering me the council and help that i required, i was ostracized, even by my own fellow soldiers. After the doctor had diagnosed me with PTSD after we had returned from combat, it...

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