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The Unfair Evaluation Of High Performing School

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The Unfair Evaluation of High Performance Schools.

High performance schools (HPS) is a programme introduced by the Ministry of Education to enhance the level of education in Malaysia. Schools which are listed as HPS will be monitored and guided in order to help these schools to maintain and attain their performances. The rationale in having HPS was to raise the quality of the best schools in the country to be world class, produce outstanding students and narrow the gap between schools within the system. These selected schools are given special allocation, autonomy, and able to choose their own students.
On 25th January 2010, deputy Prime Minister had announced the list of 20 chosen ...view middle of the document...

It is much better for the MOE to take the money and help the needy schools to improve the condition of low performance schools
Besides that, some people also suggested a few ways to MOE to help schools that not selected as HPS to attain their performance. One of them is by sending the teachers from HPS to under-performing schools. This is a great idea since those teachers might have more skills to help students rather than just staying in a school which had performed. Those from high performance schools should welcome this opportunity to work and help the under–performing schools to raise their performance.
However, instead of blaming government and MOE, teachers and student who their schools were not selected as HPS should take some actions to think and ponder back what have they done for all this time? What made them to not be listed as HPS? News Straits Time dated 27 January 2010 under the article entitled “Great Expectation” stated that these HPS have generally produced...

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