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The Unwanted This Essay Is About How The Author Manipulates The Hidden Aspects Of His Past From The Neutral Eyes Of His Readers

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In his memoir "The Unwanted", Kien Nguyen seems to develop an innocent figure, which digresses as the memoir unfolds. He appears to be the victim in several events that occurs throughout the memoir. How was Nguyen's memoir written to manipulate the hidden aspects of his past from the neutral eyes of his readers? By presenting himself as the victim, he masks the fact that he is in fact the victimizer.Nguyen was born on May 12, 1967 in Nhatrang, South Vietnam. His mother, Khuon, was a successful capitalist, a glamorous banker, and civil engineer (Contemporary Authors Online). The family lived the life of a lavish socialite in a mansion in the city of Nhatrang (Contemporary Authors Online). ...view middle of the document...

After boarding the boat, however, they were suddenly confronted with weapons and pushed overboard (216). Mrs. Dang drowned and Nguyen was nearly killed, but after many days at sea, he made it back to shore (242). He was then arrested for trying to escape and imprisoned in a slave-labor camp for two months (245). Using her connection with the town leader, Khuon was able to have Nguyen released (260). Nguyen finally left Vietnam in 1985, when the communists made an agreement with the United Nations that allowed 50,000 Amerasians to enter the United States through the Orderly Departure Program (280).Despite a pursuit of justice, it is easy for a person to be corrupted by the temptation of material gain in the economic world. In the case of Kien Nguyen, he has not yet had an interview in which he was simply there for questions and answers. Before, during, and/or after his interviews, he would advertise one of his novels or his memoir. Though his intentions seem respectable, as he reveals the flaws in a certain system of government, he abandons the subject in the memoir. Instead, there is an emphasis on his innocence and how it had been tainted by other people. Therefore, there is a lack of substance in the memoir, which ignores the fact that entire villages and cities of people suffered during the Vietnamese War, not just him (Encyclopedia of American Studies). He does not depict himself as selfless, which causes some doubts as to how much of this memoir was written for purely truth sharing, and how much was written for profit.Communism, by definition, is an idea based on a hope for economic equality for everyone. Unlike capitalists, communists are not bound by social and economic class. Many Modern Communist movements were sparked by the downfall of the monarchy of Russia, where the people were persuaded to revolt by the idea of equal social standards. Lenin, the leader of the people who rebelled against the royal Czars in 1918, had a communist government on the mind. After his death on January 21, 1924, his apprentice Joseph Stalin expanded on his political scheme and formed the communist government. This organization helped the people gain equal economic and social class.Mr. Tran, a former gardener in the Nguyen Mansion, used his lower social status to spy on anticommunist parties, and was given the position of general after the Vietnamese Communist government was established. However, when Mr. Tran still worked in the Nguyen mansion, he was considered as one of the lower ranking classes in Vietnam. He was required to fertilize, water, and watch over the plants (6). The communists promised to distribute ranks and financial conditions equally to each citizen: a power which helped Mr. Tran to gain power (6). The truth about the communist was revealed in the passage:In most ways, the new Mr. Tran was the same gardener my mother knew. She recognized his rotten front teeth, with the upper incisors erupting downward into his lower jaw, giving his face...

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