The Us National Security Essay

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The US National Security
The terrorist attacks that occurred in the US on September 11th, 2001 affected Americans’ attitudes toward their security and national security. Throughout the history, the terrorism has occurred in the world, but today terrorism become more popular than ever before. Nowadays, we are familiar with the Arab and Muslim names, different types of terrorism. Also we have realized the serious damage from the terror actions. The long-term effects on the US and its loss from the terror attacks in the economy are massive. In order to fight the terrorists effectively, the US government changed their domestic and foreign policies. The US government enforced different kinds of ...view middle of the document...

8billion spent hiring, training and equipping federal airport screeners and the $3 billion allocated for bioterrorism preparedness.” In order to improve the national security system, the US government devotes great amounts of money to provide a safer environment for the Americans. Since a better security system was built, the national security would prevent the threats from terrorists and the serious damage of terror attacks.
Moreover, the psychological damages of the terror attacks to the American people are numerous. According to Rick Nauert, the newest study has shown that the events of 9.11 have been associated with feelings of distress and anxiety, and these feelings have led to problematic drinking. Also, 30 percent of participants reported feeling very or extremely more pessimistic about world peace, and 27.6 percent reported they had less faith in the government’s ability to protect them. Psychologically speaking, the terror attacks are harmful to the humans. With the spread of the terror attacks, more and more people have the mental problems. However, as mental health plays an important role in people’s work and life, problematic thinking would lead to the negative effects on people’s work and lives. It would affect people’s physical health, cause the low efficiency of work and an intention of suicide, which is even worse. The serious damage of terror attacks to people would last for a long period of time and the long term effects of the damage would be enormous. Therefore, in order to prevent people suffering from the mental problems, the US government has the responsibility to fight the terrorism and ensure the national security.
As the terror attacks would cause the serious damage, fighting the terrorists becomes a significant issue. In terms of Americans’ safety, it is worthy to allow the government to search for personal information, because searching for personal information can find out the clues, which is able to prevent terror attacks and ensure the national security. In “We Should Relinquish Some Liberty in Exchange for Security”, Mona Charen informs that “FBI agent Collen Rowley pleaded with her superiors for permission to inspect the computer of Zacharias Moussaoui, only to be told that she lacked of probable cause. If investigators had searched that laptop, they would have found the name and phone number of one the ring-leaders of the September 11 plot” (250).It is clear that searching for personal information is one of most effective approaches to fight the...

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