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The Usage Of Nature By Robert Frost

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The usage of Nature by Robert Frost
Robert Frost, a famous American writer from the 19th century, utilized Nature to signify beauty, to make a comparison to life and death, and to illustrate the everlasting relationship between man and nature in many of his works. He focused on the dramatic struggles that occur within the natural world and the dark destructive side of nature. Frost also presents the natural world as one that inspires his characters into deep thought. For Frost, he uses nature not only a background for his poetry, but rather a central character in his works. Frost uses imagery, symbols, and phrases to state his mind and trigger the messages that are entangled in that ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately, we as humans can not hold onto prosperity forever, therefore resulting in death eventually. Nature follows the same relative patterns. Growth and Withering often occur, but then repeat in annual cycles.
Robert Frost uses a number of paradoxes throughout this poem. Green is to gold, as a leaf is to a flower. Both metaphors are not equivalent, yet Frost gives the impression that they are. “The poet’s obvious pleasure in faithfully recording cherished images actually provides the foundation for a subtle poetic superstructure.” (O’Neill) During his career, Robert Frost expressed a variety of different emotions in his poems. Frost frequently outlines the similarities between the prosperity of nature and the journey of life. His work was relatively subtle until he suffered multiple devastating losses in his life. The deaths of his sister, two out of his seven children, and his wife caused Frost to spiral into a deep depression. Although depressed, Frost was able to appreciate the connection between the life cycle of mankind and of nature.
In the poem, “Birches” Frost also uses nature and describes a very intricate vision of bent birch trees. Robert Frost imagines that the arching bends in the tree branches are the result of a boy “swinging” on them. The trees themselves endure a lot throughout their existence, such as damage, continuously aging, and intense weather conditions. In a way, humans endure damage and age throughout their existence as well. By using details that are easily relatable to human existence, Frost’s readers are easily able to appreciate this poem.
“To the top branches, climbing carefully / With the same pains you use to fill a cup / Up to the brim, and even above the brim” (Frost, 750) Frost indicates that the trees are getting more and more weak with every bend of their limbs. Frost prefers to paint the idea of a young boy swinging on the branches, climbing up the tree trunks and jumping violently to the ground. At the end of the poem, the reader can then realize that the bends are actually caused by ice storms. This poem represents Robert Frost remembering...

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