The Use Of Drug In The Islamic World Article Review

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Author: Taha Baaasher, FRC Psych
Regional Adviser on Mental Health, WHO EMBRO

In the article THE USE OF DRUG IN THE ISLAMIC WORLD , author Taha Baaasher, FRC describes the development of the Islamic community and the control of alcoholism within context of overall socio-cultural changes. The author also reviews the origin and use of opium, cannabis, khat and synthetic psychoactive and the role of Islam in the prevention and treatment of drug abuse..
At the beginning of this article, author explain the historical of the brewing alcohol from dates, grape, honey and doura that was generally popular among ...view middle of the document...

In the explanation about the the origin and the use of drug the author stated opium and its derivatives were known in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt that it was initially used for the relief of pain and the induction of sleep. Due to various socio-economic, cultural and political factors the habit continued, mainly in countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan and Turkey, where opium was grown, either legally or illegally. For Cannabis There is no evidence to indicate the use of cannabis in ancient Islamic countries. However, its therapeutic use as an anaesthetic was first reported in an early Chinese treatise on remedies; the information gradually trickled to India, the Tigris and Euphrates Region, Iran and Arabia. There are no specific evidence on historical background of khat write by author .The rapid increase of manufactured and the productivity and closer relationship between industrialized and Islamic countries, more and more new drugs becoming available for public use also call synthetic drugs such as amphetamines, barbiturates and metaqualone.

The use of drugs that commonly abused in the countries of Islamic World as explain previously, there are no reference to any of these drugs except alcohol. No direct mention from the Holy Scripture or in the Prophet’s all embracing Hadith/Sunna. Because the lack of specific references for use of drug , its become the dilemma and the use of drugs is still continued in Sudan and Egypt because they claimed that it is not wrong to indulge in the use of drugs ‘ because they have not been prohibited by God and any way they are not mentioned in the Quran’. To denied this question, the author support that based on experience with khamr (wine) however, the Islamic law has clearly stipulated that whatever constitutes a dependence-producing drug and which, therefore, should be regarded as harmful, should not be used by a true Muslim. Islamic jurists and scholars have primarily formulated the definition of a narcotic substance on the original Islamic concept of khamr, which has been clearly described as 'any substance which causes clouding of the mind and interferes with rational thinking'.

The use of dependence-producing drugs in the various Islamic countries has been somewhat varied and complex. Availability of the drug concerned, the socio-cultural environment, economic conditions, political power and a host of other factors have in one way or another influenced the spread or the control of dependence-producing drugs. Several questions can be raised regarding (a)...


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