The Use Of Drugs And Alcohol And There Affect On Teenagers

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"It is easier to mold a child then reform an adult." Adolescents are teenagers growing into adults, therefore teenage years and decisions can be part of their adult lives. Many things affect a person's life and well-being - some good and some not so good. A teenager is faced with many pressures and temptations forcing them to make many decisions. These temptations and pressure from peers sometimes make decision-making difficult for teenagers. To overcome these pressures a child has to be prepared for their encounters. If they are not prepared they may make wrong decisions which will lead them down the wrong path. Once a teenager starts traveling down that path it is hard to turn around and ...view middle of the document...

They are no longer committed to school, work or their future. The difference is negative not a positive change to their life, which can sometimes result in long-term effects. Teenagers introduce things such as disease, illness, the law into their life by repeated use of drugs or alcohol.Drugs and alcohol have a major effect on a person. The younger you are introduced to drugs the more harmful it can be. The younger you are the more naive you can be which makes it harder for the young adult to overcome temptations. Acceptance plays a major role in the decision of whether or not to say no or unfortunately yes. Cigarettes are considered a drug just like pot is a drug. Nicotine in a cigarette is the part that is addictive to the youth. Being pressured into drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or marijuana is overwhelming in high school years. Peer pressure is felt by all teenagers. Although, there are many other dangerous outcomes to Drug and alcohol use, the most common effects of all three drugs are emotional difficulty and depression. Additionally, the use of alcohol under the age of 21 is illegal therefore teenagers may end up arrested for having, buying or consuming alcohol. Marijuana is illegal at any age which is another avenue chosen by a teenager who finds themselves in trouble with the law. Cigarettes are illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase, therefore leads to problems with the law. Not only with the teenager but more often with the store who mistakenly sold the cigarettes to a minor. Drug and Alcohol abuse can cause long and short-term effects, and leave indentations in school, work and social lives.Marijuana is one the most commonly used substance amongst teenagers today. It is known as the gateway drug. The drug is easily obtained at school or from other teenagers and sometimes from adults who use or sell. Most heavy drug users first experimented with pot (weed) and before long they find themselves wanting to smoke pot more often. This sometimes leads to the use of drugs heavier than pot. Teenagers are sometimes known to be pressured into heavier drugs like cocaine or ecstasy after using marijuana for a period of time. This leads to more problems for the user because they are increasing their drug activity. Some teenagers do not do the heavier drugs but do increase their drug activity. They first just smoke when they are around people who do. Usually teenagers first experience with older people or people who are more familiar with the drug. Then they begin to experiment more often with their usual friends and turns into the only way they know how to have fun. They begin to use when alone and when surrounded by others. It becomes "normal" a part of their lives. They no longer know what they can do besides using. Increased drug activity affects a person's emotions.Marijuana's effects begin as soon as the drug is inhaled or consumed. The drug enters the brain. All parts of a marijuana plant are mind-altering, but...

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