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The Use Of Imperialism Over Few Countries By The U.S

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His 204 American History Since 1865

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We’ve all had a moment where there was some form of displeasure with someone having “too much” control over the actions and abilities of another person. This can be as a friend seeing a friend in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship or even as a customer seeing how a manager treats their employees, at times. American Imperialism was essentially the same thing. Imperialism is practically the use of force or alternative means to maintain the expanded control over another group of people or at least their political and/economic means of life. In the 19th century, the United States was well known for its use of imperialism ...view middle of the document...

With the nations trying to resolve and confront some areas within itself, Cuba and Puerto Rico found ways of making their own methodology in order to acquire its own independence. Like many nations that the United States has
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Connected with over time, nations used the American Constitution in order to establish clauses within their own idealize, soon to be real, governmental body and their declaration of independence. With the United States government so focused on resetting and finding ways to bring the nation back into a stable and more unified state, the laws of imperialism were fairly loose, if not suspended in Cuba and Puerto Rico because both nations established their own government bodies within time and little was encouraged or done to retake any serious sense of possession over either of the nations. Similar to any policy, law and policies are more relevant based off of who is using them and why people would use them.
Now, the Philippines were a completely different issue when reviewing imperialism because there was a meaning to retain the Philippines for the United States. With the Great Depression occurring, in order to restructure the American economy and to also continue lines of communication with Asian nations for trading, the Philippines retained for nothing more than a sign of imperialism and for economic stability. “The Filipinos revolted against American rule in February, 1899, and were suppressed 1902 after a bloody, ruthless guerilla war” (Bancroft 1). Knowing that one of the main things that all of the western nations did was to establish a secure trade route to Asia in order to acquire silks, spices, and other valued products to trade and a reliable location to export any materials to was important for the American economy to get back on track. With that being that case, many of the politicians at the time figured that stating to companies and the American people that maintaining the lines of communication with foreign nations would help the nations pull out of its economic crisis and would offer some relief to those with money at stake. Soldiers were often shipped to the Philippines to authorize the United States control and dominance over the nation, if not for one other reason.
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Similar to the start of American history, history repeated itself and the idea that sending missionaries to the...

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