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The Use Of Templates They Say I Say

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High Level Argumentation

English, the most important language of the world that with its richness has conquer the
interest of so many people to learn. College students need to communicate in an educated and
sophisticated form to classmates, teachers and future employers. The book, They Say/ I Say
written by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein allow students to think outside the box. In the
introduction the authors provide templates designated to help expand the imagination of
students. On one hand, a group of students believe that it is helpful to have templates to write
essays. On the other hand, a second group of students believe that templates stifle creativity
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As, Aristotle, the father of rhetorical theory developed in ancient times, rhetoric persuades
writing and allows writers to persuade others to modify their ideas. Therefore, Graff and
Birkenstein use rhetorical theory in their templates. They use argumentation to upgrade the
students critical thinking level. The authors themselves put it in page #8 paragraph 2
“Although argumentation is often associated with conflict and opposition, the type of
conversational “They Say/ I Say” argument that we focus on un this book can be just as useful
when you agree as when you disagree.” I am convinced that rhetorical templates used in this
book promote the goal of change somebody´s mind. From this prospective, I find the templates
useful and interested on how they make students be persuasive. The most powerful men on the
face of this earth have used argumentations based on this templates.

Moreover, there is a group of students that believe that these templates will stifle their creativity.
People are not robots to copy and paste everything the same. Every person lives different
experiences in life, some life events might be similar but not everything will be the same. For
example, if someone argues that all Hispanics suffer psychologically when they migrate to
America, and it is only supported of personal experiences showing that her/his journey was
traumatized because of dehydration, poverty, violence, physical and mental tiredness. I agree
because of the repetitive stories of many Hispanics, yet none of the stories will be the same.
Although some might object that there will be similarities on the stories, I would reply that each
story will be original since every human it is a different world. Graff and Birkenstein insist that
everything in our society depends on established patterns and structures. In...

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