The Value Of Freedom Vs. The Importance Of Safety

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The Honorable Mayor Giuliani has made an important point in his statement. Although it was made during a campaign, and is thus can not be held in any high regard as truth, there is some strong insight in his idea of relinquishing freedoms to the government in exchange for safety. In a nutshell, I agree with the quote, and I feel it's my duty to qualify it.For one thing, take our injured city, the great capitol of the world. Although it's a sad state of affairs when National Guardsmen have to patrol the streets, it is certainly safer than the previous level of alertness that our police force was operating on. Before the tragedy - and in considering the issue at hand, we must only use the ...view middle of the document...

Combining this bastion of lassitude with the bag-checking policy described above, terrorists were able to board airplanes with box cutters and plastic knives. However, the problem doesn't end with the boarding of the aircraft. On American planes, the door to the cockpit is flimsy, light, and easily unlocked, so that on any given flight a stewardess can bring the captain a meal, Billy can come up front and get a tour, and terrorists can take control of the aircraft. Our rights to free cockpit access are upheld.In contrast to our lax flight security polices, the Israeli airline El Al requires full baggage searches of every piece of luggage that is to board an El Al flight three days prior to takeoff, so that any potential troublemakers can be quickly weeded out and prevented from boarding. The citizens who use the airline are forced to submit to search and possible seizure of their property by people they can neither see nor talk to, and yet they do it willingly because it gives them the security they need to keep from being killed in the air. The cockpit, far from being a well-traveled place, is only used by the flight crew "" the flight crew being the people who fly the plane. The entrance consists of double-doors made of steel. Steel! I have a strong suspicion that our planes use balsa wood. El Al hasn't had a...

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