The Value Of Gender And How It Represents The Body In Society

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In order to answer the question I would like to explain in brief the value of gender and the ways it represents the body in the society.

The term “Gender “and “Race “is by now used so frequently in academic discussions. While sex differences are rooted in biology how we come to understand and perform gender is based on culture. As it is said by ( Byers & Dell ) that we always view culture “ as a process through which people circulate and struggle social relations, and therefore, our selves. “ and on the other hand Race has no longer been seen as a biological type. The process of human reality has always seen the constructions of race and gender. As a term ‘Gender ‘refers to the social ...view middle of the document...

“The significant of sex and gender in the lives of member of contemporary western societies “by ( Le Guin ). As these quote indicates that sex plays a critical roles in the life of the individual influencing everything from the way we dress, to what we eat, the kind of things we do, how we behave, what we likely to achieve in our lives. As we know people in United States are more open minded about gender roles today than they were in the past. Women are now allowed to work as lawyers, truck drivers etc where as men today works as nurses and some even stay at home to take care of their children. As we still see that in many society, has the strong ideas of women working in traditionally male dominated field like constructions, are still viewed, which indicates the gender roles in the society. As Mary Gentile book “ How We learn Who We Are “ describes how she too received the message from church, family and school about what it meant to be white, catholic, Italian and female. Gentile writes that she came to “experience that the polarities of gender....were inadequate to describe reality “
Perhaps one of the most inspirational example of a gender non conformist who was able to transcend the confines of gender and race is writer and playwright Lorraine Hansberry, who has described in Minchael Anderson’s “Education of another kind “as the above book shows the unique contribution to current writing on gender as it explores the connection between gender and race, ethnicity and sexuality.

Throughout history, people have decorated and modified the appearance of their bodies in many different ways. Nostril piercing are thought to have been adopted into the noble castes in the Middle East almost 4000 years ago. Nowadays, nostril piercing has been adopted by Christina Aguilera. In South America, Aztec and Mayan priests pierced their tongues as part of a ritual to communicate with their gods. In several African tribes, the beauty of women was determined by the size of plates that were fitted into their upper lips. In ancient civilizations of Egypt, a “perfect belly button” could elevate someone’s social standing. At that time, only Pharaohs and royal families could pierce their navels. Anyone else was promptly executed. A “perfect belly button”, however, could be a peasant’s ticket to a better life. The ancient Romans pierced their nipples to show their strength and endurance. To this day, piercing has been continued to capture human curiosity and fascination. The world record for the highest number of body piercing is one of the most volatile since it is constantly adjusting as each prickled being attempts to outdo the previous one.

In 2002, Nathan Robitaille, 23, had 420 needles stuck into his arms, thus breaking the previous world record of 301 piercing.
Hairdresser Kam Ma gave it a shot and spent eight and a half hours trying to beat the record. He told The Northern Echo (a United Kingdom newspaper), "I did it because I like piercing. It...

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