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The Verb “To Have” And Its Equivalents In Vietnamese

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Table of content
Part I: Introduction
1. Reasons for choosing the topic
2. Aims of the study
3. Methods of the study
4. Scope of the study
Part II: Content
1. “To have” in the sense of possess
1. In the sense of “own” or “possess”
2. In the sense of “own” or “possess”
3. Possession mental and emotional qualities
1.4. Family relationships
1.5. Illness
1.6. Contact with other people
1. “To have” with other meaning
1. “To have” in the sense of receiving
2. Have in the sense of eat or drink
3. “To have” in the sense of organize
2.4. “To have “ in the sense of take part in
2.5. “To have” in the sense of ...view middle of the document...

“To have” is a verb that the students always confuse about when (they are) asked to define its meaning in different contexts .When learning and teaching English, we find the problems of learners is approaching the verb, we take the great consideration on comparing verb between language. That interests and encourages us to choose the topic: The verb “To have” and its equivalents in Vietnamese.
2. Aims of the study
- Helping Vietnamese learners understand the use of the verb “to have” when it is used as an ordinary verb and its equivalents in Vietnamese.
- Helping them apply the verb “to have” in appropriate situations.
- By means of teaching suggestions of the verb “to have”, we hope that our small assignment will make some contribution to help learners leave out their errors in the process of learning English.
3. Methods of the study
- Analysis and presenting
- Comparison and contrast method
4. Scope of the study
For the reason of limited time and knowledge, the author only focuses on the verb “to have” as an ordinary verb and its equivalents in Vietnamese.

Part II: Content
Using the verb “to have” as an ordinary verb is quite popular and it can be used in the following meanings:

1. “To have” in the sense of possess
We often use “to have” "to have" talk about these states: Possess relationships, illness, the characteristics of people and things an similar ideas. Sometimes, “to have” simply expresses the fact of being in a particular situation, especially in formal styles.

4. In the sense of “own” or “possess”
This is the basic meaning of “to have”, we can use “to have” in place of “to have got” in the present and sometimes in the past to express this sense.
- I have (got) a big tamp collection
- My uncle has (got) a big villa in the town
- This company has many branches all over the world
In Vietnamese, we always use “có” equivalently to “to have” to express possession.
- Tôi có một bộ sưu tập tem rất lớn
- Bác tôi có một ngôi biệt thự rất to trên thành phố
- Công ty này có rất nhiều chi nhánh trên toàn thế giới
We can summarize the relationship between “to have” in English and its equivalents in Vietnamese about possession in the following diagram:

|English |S + have (got) + N/ NP |
|Vietnamese |S + có + N/ NP |

1.2 Possession of physical characteristics
This case, “to have” and” have got” are often combined with nouns like black hair, brown eyes, round face, etc. to describe appearance. They can also combine with number of thing or quality of a substance to convey this sense.
- Ellen has got short, straight, fair hair and blue eyes
- This house has fifteen windows
- He has rough hands because he has to do so much work
The word “có” is used in this meaning to...

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