The Vietnam War Was Unethical Essay

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The United States began to send troops to Vietnam to support French in 1950’s. During the following 25 years, the ensuing wars would cost 5 million people’s life and create a series of domestic tension in the U.S, like Vietnam War protest movement and the Military Draft. Even though the Vietnam War had been considered as the only war that American ever lost, but many Americans believed it was a noble cause. Like President Johnson had said in 1965, “We have made a national pledge to help South Vietnam defend its independence. To dishonor that pledge, to abandon this small and brave nation to its enemies, and to the terror that must follow, would be an unforgivable wrong.” But was it really ...view middle of the document...

So our government got a chance to use the South Vietnam as a hindrance to prevent the happen of Domino Theory. We started to send troops, money and military advisors to the South Vietnam government. And we supported Ngo Dinh Diem who became the Vietnam president through a false poll. Our government knew Diem wasn’t a good leader, but we still supported him because he was an intense anti-communism. Under the Diem’s regime, the South Vietnam government was controlled by Diem’s family, and it became like a totalitarian state. Diem persecuted Buddhism, and the people who against him, so his figure was like a tyrant in people’s eyes, it caused only few Vietnamese would support the South Vietnam government. Therefore the South Vietnam lost his territories to the North Vietnam really quickly, even though they had been supported by a super power in the world. American had tried to persuade Diem to win lower class people’s heart, but Diem never listened. Throughout the entire war the South Vietnam government never got too much population supported.

During the Vietnam War, Americans believed that we would honor our words through the war. We were helping those poor Vietnamese get their freedom from the evil communism. We were just fought back because they started it first. But where did people get those ideals? I...

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