The Violence Of War Can Be Diluted With The Love

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The violence of war can be diluted with the love

1. Introduction

2. Consequences and disasters of war

3. Significance of love in social disorder and in war-torn society

4. References from world history:

a. Wars and strategy of Alexander the great

b. Islamic conquests:

Amnesty of Mecca
Example of conquest of sindh
Peace of Saladin

c. Japan and germany

5. Modern world’s wars: challenges and goals

6. Case of Pakistan

7. Solutions lie in understanding and love

Human nature has always sought to subdue its fellow beings, using different means and ways. Means wary; war, love, fear, friendship and needs, ...view middle of the document...

Motivation, encouragement, inspiration and enthusiasm are all the works of love, these factors if combined can build new societies, civilizations and may be the new worlds. One can safely presume that despite the bloodshed and brutality of human wars and violence, the only savior of the human civilization that has managed and directed the course of progress and human acceptance of each other, is love.
Effects and disasters of war:
The nature of war is destruction. It makes no difference what type of war it is, holy war, civil war, patriotic war, or be it the war of independence, all wars cause the damage to the balance of the society and its progress, creating social sense of disparity and deprivation. Today in the modern world we have witnessed the consequences of war becoming far more destructive then found in the entire history of world. Today war can be accounted for causing loss of lives, extremism, terrorism, poverty, ill-literacy, refugeeism, destruction and many other social evils. Horrors of war have widened with the advent of modern weaponry and forces. Entire nations can be wiped with a single atom bomb, as world witnessed and people of japan suffered. The scars of annihilation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki even after over 60 years have not been fully obliterated. This has been our progress in terms of war. On micro level, when we see the effects of war, we come to know that war causes end of peace and creating social insecurity. People are traumatized with the coming of war. Loss of earning, loss of property, loss of progress, and loss of security are one of the few losses occurring in the wake of war for the common people. Morale of the society withers, distrust and desire for survival becomes lone rules. Fear and uncertainty grips the masses, leading in the collective failure of society and giving birth to the notions of loot and plunder, oppression and coercion making the society a jungle. Thus the negativity of war mutilates the whole culture of normal living.
Significance of love in war-torn society:
Love has powerful overtures in the society, which mostly go unnoticed. Love not only helps and motivates but it also inspires the positive actions. If a war-torn society has to rebuild itself quickly, then human bonding can play a very important role in the acceptance of what has befallen and what must be done to redress the problems. Love for fellow beings and their sufferings and love for the cause of restoring the previous prosperity have always been a driving force behind the re-modulation of a society that has received blows of war. If people of violence stricken area are motivated, given good care and inspired rightly, they can recreate themselves again. They can reestablish their lost lives and drive away the harsh actions that disturbed their lives. All that is required for the dilution of effect of violence is simple careful assessment of what went wrong and what must be done to redress it. And to reach that point...

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