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The Wave The Power Of Herd Mentality During Teen Years

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How is herd mentality so powerful during teen years?!
I will start this by telling you a short story. When I was a little girl, my father bought us a dog. I was the only child in our family. The dog automatically chose my dad as his leader. He went with him everywhere. He took good care of him and protected him from the adversities that he may have otherwise faced.
When my little brother was born, my father helped my mother take care of him. The dog started to feel jealous. He noticed that someone had stolen from him the attention that he had once got from my father. Therefore, he decided to take the baby’s place and started to lay down on his bed and did not get down. So we were forced to ...view middle of the document...

Many historical events that took place all over the world have shown that we tend to follow the strong, or actually fear him, so we become his “slaves”. This phenomenon can happen also in a teenager's world. In fact in most probabilities, it will happen at this age group more than any other.
Teenagers face great peer pressure at this stage of their lives. It is very important for them to belong and be part of a group, to be popular, beautiful and acceptable. They are ready to do about almost anything just to live in teen “paradise”!
In the book “The Wave” this is expressed in many situations, here are some of them:
No one knew about the Wave at the beginning when it started in a history class of 30 students, but in less than two days, most of the school knew all about it, because they see it as the new “fashion” at school. They do not even make an effort to inquire deeper into it and understand what it is all about. All they care about is that there is someone who takes the lead for them and they are more than ready to follow him with no hesitation whatsoever.
All students repeated after Mr. Ross the mottoes he voiced in front of them; they obey all that he asked of them the best way they could, contrary to the time when they would not do any of the things their teachers asked of them before the movement started.
Laurie Saunders is David’s girlfriend, but unlike her, David was part of the Wave. Laurie is an intelligent and an independent minded girl. She thinks about things wisely and she investigates the weird things she came across like the Wave movement, she is the main opposing voice against it and she becomes the vigilant resistant force after she initially likes the idea, but then is drawn into opposition by the respect she has for history and opinion of others and she sees the harmful direction of the wave and she sets forth to end it. David does not get the message hidden in the Wave because when someone sees the good and the positive sides of something he ignores the bad and the negative sides and this is exactly what happened with David. Laurie, however, does get it and refuses to take part in it. David becomes upset about that and was instigated by his friends to stop her writing anything else about the Wave. He tries to convince her to participate in the Wave thing but she refuses. He reacts to that by beating her until she fell to the ground.
There was a small group of students refuse to be part of the Wave, and they paid for it by reproach and physical violence from the Wave members. For example, a Jewish boy was beaten up, and another...

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