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The Way I Learn And My Personality

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The Way I Learn and my Personality
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The Way I Learn and my Personality
When an individual is a student at any point in his or her life, understanding their strengths and weakness will be the key between success and failure. The first aspect of individualizing a strategy for learning is to understand that everyone is different. What may work for on student may not work for another. In all my years of learning whether it be in school or on the job what I have found best is to learn from everyone but use what works for you.
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Now, each individual has a different personality which is applied to their everyday life. The first I want to bring is being a “Thinker”. A person who is a thinker according to the textbook is a person who is analytical or likes to know how things work. Now it is important for people to understand this about me since sometimes I approach thing in an illogical way just because I will always try to contribute from different angles. Secondly, I observed that I tend to be an “Adventurer”. Now an adventurer likes to be hands on, dynamic, and creative. Sometime I like to try to be bold when complete assignments just so I can stand out from the rest of the class. I will ask my learning groups to try new ideas. Maybe, just because I have not seen anyone do it. This at times is counterproductive but as long as I am sensible to all ideas that come from my group I believe this can be an asset. What the Personality Spectrum demonstrated yet I already knew was that I am an organizer. This may come from my military background, being in the Army and coming from an Army Family, but whatever the reason my intent is always to be well...

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