The Way Of Books Essay

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The Way of Books
Tyrone Jones
August 29, 2011
Sherry Caperton

The Way of Books
Liteture is one of the componets that make up popular culture in our society. Reading helps inflluencen peoples aspect on things like religion, business, family, and much more. A good example of a popular fiction novel that influences young people today and even adults in some aspects is “Midnight, A Gangters Love Story,” written by Sister Souljah.
“Midnight, A Gangsters Love Story” is about a boy named Midnight that moved from North Sudan to America when he was seven years old. He was held resposible by his father for the security and lively hood of his mother and his younger sister. Midnight and ...view middle of the document...

She also attended Cornell University Advanced Placement Studies and studied overseas in Europe at the University of Salmanaca. Sister Souljah is dedicated to the reconstruction of African- American families and communites, and it relfects is her novels. As a student activist, Souljah created and finaced the African Youth Survival Camp. The camp allows for 200 children from homeless families to stay overnight at the camp where they learned academics and culture. The camp ran for three consecutive years and inspired celebrities to start their own camps, schools and charities to give back to the community. Along with the African Youth Survival Camp, from 1995-2007 Souljah also was the Executive Director of Daddy’s House Social Programs, the charitable wing of Bad Boy Entertainment.
Compared to other books in the same genre as “Midnight, A Gangsters Love Story,” I feel that it holds a higher standard for African American men than some of the other novels.
For example the book “Every Thug Needs A Lady,” is also about African American men and women who came from poverty stricken neighborhoods and became successful business people. The story takes place in New York. The two main men characters are soon to be ex-drug dealers named Kaylin and Trae. Both men are striving to become legit business men and leave their drug dealing days behind them. In the process of becoming legit they meet their future wives Tasha and Angel. Tasha and Angel both had rough childhoods and are now attending college.
The way that these two books differ is that Midnight would go to any extent to keep his family; especially the women he...

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