The Way To Recycle Construction Waste In Urban Cities

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The Background and Significance of Construction Waste Generating
It has become a problem for waste management that the yearly quantity of construction waste in China has accounted for more than 40%of the total amount of urban waste. Some data display that we have produced at least 20 billion m³ clay bricks during the past 50 years, most of which will change into solid construction waste in the coming 50 years. What to do with these construction waste? Can we transform them into building materials by comprehensive treatment?

Construction waste recycling and reutilizing has obtained great accomplishments in developed countries. Some relevant data show that construction waste recycling rate achieves 98%in Japan, and they have made the application manual for regenerated aggregate and concrete since 1980s. Besides, Japan Science and Technology Ministry has regarded the recycling technology as one of the ten most burgeoning technologies in the coming 30 years, and the ...view middle of the document...

Construction waste recycling totally changed the traditional single-way linear economic mode-“resource to product to pollution discharge” and fully realized the circular economic reaction flow-“resource to product to recycled resource to new product”.

The crawler mobile crushing plant and tire mobile crushing plant, researched and developed by Zhengzhou Zoonyee Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd, can finish the primary, secondary and fine crushing for construction waste. The equipment is flexible, convenient and strongly movable, which can save a large amount of infrastructure and relocation expenses, capable of crushing materials on site, moving forward with the expanding of raw materials exploiting size and much lower the transportation cost of raw materials. The flexible configuration of portable crushing plant can be remodeled according to real sites or designed with relevant construction waste recycling technology to the particularities of mobile crushing plant.

The End Products of Recycled Construction Waste

1.By sorting, rejecting and crushing, many wastes in construction waste can be reused as regenerated resources. For example, we can process abandoned rebar, iron wire,electric wire and various accessories of waste iron into all specifications of steels by sorting, centralizing and re-melting procedure.

2.Waste bamboo and wood can be made for artificial wood.
3.Crushed waste bricks, stone and concrete can not only used for masonry mortar, plasterer mortar and concrete cushion, but applied to make building products such as blocks, causeway bricks, lattice bricks and so on.

Construction Waste Process Equipment Application of Shanghai Zoonyee
In 2009, Construction waste recycled aggregate production line(a demonstrating production line in earthquake stricken area),adopting whole sealing design, is a project of construction waste recycling demonstration production line approved by the National Science and Technology Ministry, designed by Tongji University and undertaken by Shanghai Zoonyee, is a large-scale crushing line and passed the National Science and Technology Ministry check and acceptance.
Shanghai Zoonyee is one of the largest stone crusher supppliers,and we offer jaw crusher , cone crusher , impact crusher and other rock crusher for our customers from all over the world.

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