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The Ways Friar Lawrence Persuades Romeo Not To Commit Suicideç

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The Ways Friar Lawrence persuades Romeo not to Commit Suicide

In Act 3 Scene 3, Romeo has just killed Tybalt and has come to the Friar to seek guidance and comfort. Before the Friar starts his speech, Romeo is persistent on committing suicide, as he believes there is no other option for him. The nurse has come to the Friars cell and tells Romeo that Juliet knows of his crime and is deeply upset and agitated “even so lies she, blubb’ring and weeping”. Romeo thinks that since he has done something so disgraceful to Juliet’s own cousin, she will never forgive him. However, we know that Juliet’s main purpose for crying is because she has heard about Romeo’s banishment. Romeo is convinced that ...view middle of the document...

He then goes on to questioning Romeo and assuring him that what he did is better than the outcome of what would happen if he did not slay Tybalt. “Hast thou slain Tybalt? Wilt thou slay thyself?” Friar Lawrence is saying that there is no justification for killing himself just because he has killed Tybalt. “And slay thy lady that in thy life lives, by doing dammed hate upon thyself?” in this quote, he says that if he commits suicide, he will be doing no good as Juliet only lives for him now and by killing himself, he will only be putting a curse on Romeo and Juliet. He then goes on to question why Romeo curses his birth, heaven and earth. The Friar mentions that if Romeo takes his life then he would lose everything, and he wouldn’t go to heaven necessarily: “ In thee at once, which thou at once wouldst lose”.

Another way he has used to persuade Romeo is encouraging and motivating him. Now that he has scolded Romeo for his behaviour and pragmatism, he can start to change his perspective on the situation and get him to think about the positive outcomes. “Juliet is alive! For whose dear sake thou...

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