The Ways In Which The Wwf Advertisement Persuades The Reader To Donate Money

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The Ways in Which the WWF Advertisement Persuades the Reader to Donate Money

In this essay I will analyse the ways in which the World Wildlife Fund
persuade the reader to donate money through the use of this poster.
The target audience of the poster is middle aged workers with some
degree of disposable income and also anybody who has an interest in
preserving the wildlife of the world. For their target audience to see
the poster they will publish it in broadsheet newspapers and send it
in the mail along with other adverts of a similar description.

The poster is illustrated with a very graphic image of a dead rhino
covered in blood and most ...view middle of the document...

The only negative to the use of
text is that it is quite small and crowded, so the reader would need
to feel strongly about the subject to 'read on' from the main headings
and this may discourage other potential audience other than what it is
aimed for.

The text is introduced by a shocking and dramatic contrast between the
progress of the human species and the decimation of the animal world
our progress has caused. The words we, share and you are all used to
make us feel guilty. It is everybody's fault is the one clear message
I get from the beginning of the advert. Ruined, destroy, decimate and
extinct are all related to war violence and death. This language is
reemphasising the central focus of the advert. That man's progress has
caused too much death to the animal world.

The advert is aimed primarily at getting people to donate money to the
covenant. After the subheading 'why a covenant is crucial?' the text
describes the way in which the public and the target audience can
donate the money and tell you how it will be...

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