The Wind In His Sail Essay

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"Ahh, there's no wind today," sighed Cobi as he tacked his sail around and headedfor the shore. Cobi was a sailor. Cobi wasn't a typical sailor, Cobi was a NationalChampionship winning sailor. A sailor who thrived on high winds and rough seas, whohas accomplished everything there is to accomplish in Canadian sailing. He is the envy ofevery young sailor and child. They wish, aspire, and dream to be like Cobi."Hii Cooobiii," wines Julie. Julie just happened to be standing on the dock of theYacht Club as Cobi tied his luminous, new, nine-thousand dollar boat to its mooring.Julie, was just one part of Cobi's large female entourage, who followed and prayed on hisevery move and breath. Cobi Jones ...view middle of the document...

The greetings ranged from "Hey man", to"What's up", and to the simple "Hi". Cobi habitually responded with a mumbled "Yo."Sometime after an insightful, and invigorating lecture from his favourite English teacherDr. Noble, he ran into his friend and sailing crewman Greg. "Hey man, what're ya doin'after school today?" asked Cobi."Nothin' man, it's too messy out. That hurricane's gonna hit tonight you know,"replied Greg."I know man, that's why I asked""You don't wanna go sailin' do ya?""Yeah man, the winds lately haven't been much of a challenge for me, eh.""I don't know man?""Ahh c'mon, you're coming to my party tonight aren't ya.""Yeah""Well, we can go for a sail, then to the party""All right""Cool, meet at the club at 4:00. We're takin' the Laser""What!?! Okay," sighed Greg as he made his way to his last class.At the Yacht Club, the forty-five knot winds were drubbing the Dangerous Seaswarning signs into the clubhouse as the two young sailors began to rig their boat of a merefourteen feet. The boys rigged their boat quickly and set sail. Cobi was the...

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