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The World Consensus Game Tm Essay

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The World Consensus GameTM

The World Consensus GameTM allows anyone to contribute to the creation of a world consensus on issues that divide people. Participants can look up positions that have been taken on topics that people disagree on and can contribute to the discussion of these topics. Participation is easy to do. Once you identify a question that interests you, a map is provided that shows the positions that have been taken on that question along with definitions of positions. You can examine arguments that have been provided for a position, including the argument judged best by philosophers and the argument favored by the general public, and you can express your judgment on ...view middle of the document...

Just click on the issue that interests you. The current World Consensus Game is problems oriented, but could be redesigned to include a historical perspective.

World Order Issues
Global Survival Issues
Moral Philosophy, Maps, Definitions, Simulation
Social Philosophy, Map and Simulations
Political Philosophy Map
The Criminal Justice System
Theory of Knowledge
Philosophy of Religion
World Order Issues
Global Survival Issues

As soon as one of the topics is chosen the subdivisions under that title appear. Suppose that moral philosophy had been selected. The choices would look like this.

Moral Philosophy, Maps, Definitions, Simulation

1. Can we know right from wrong?
Challenge: We cannot know right from wrong.

2. Why should we do the right thing?
Challenge: There is no reason to do the right thing.

3. Can we hold people responsible for actions?
Challenge: No-one is ever responsible.

B. You next indicate that question that you want to explore.

Click on the question you want you want to examine within the area you indicated.

Once you have indicated the question, a list of positions that have been taken on that question appears. This might be simply listed or might appear on a map. A book that lists all the maps and definitions of positions is available from Wellington Press. You next indicate what position you want to explore. The positions are listed and they also appear on a map that shows the relationship between the positions. Utilitarianism, for example is a type of consequentialism. (An example of the map the viewer would see on the screen is provided in the appendix that accompanies this paper. People would see materials in the appendix on the computer screen)

C. You next indicate the position that you want to explore by clicking either on the box representing that position or on the name in the list.

Examining Positions

Now that you have identified a position you want to explore you can examine the position in many different ways. There are four menus you might notice.

Definitions Arguments Voting Tally Contribution


You can find the definition of the highlighted position by clicking on the definition button.


You can set the menu to indicate the type of argument you want to see.

You can indicate what type of argument you want to see using the follow choices:

- Professional Philosophers for view
- Professional Philosophers against view
- Student of Philosophy for view
- Students of Philosophy against view
- Conventional argument for
- Conventional argument against

"Conventional" argument means arguments that may be popular among people who have not examined all viewpoints on the issue. Anyone who has taken the time to consider arguments for opposing viewpoints is considered a "student of philosophy."

Whatever you indicated the last time you used...

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