The World Cup In Soccer Essay

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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world.
It may not seem like it because football is most popular in North America but soccer is the most popular sport in the world. My perspective is that if there were more soccer stadiums, more federations, and more soccer associations in the United States it might be more popular than football is in North America.
Soccer is probably very popular because it is the first team sport a kid will probably play in their life because football and baseball are for kids a little older as they are more dangerous sports. Because soccer is as popular as it is all other brands are trying to get in on the sales of shin-guards, cleats, socks, and soccer balls. Adidas was originally the first major brand for soccer, now Nike is trying to get a piece of the sales, and also Underarmour ...view middle of the document...

All you need are shoes and a soccer ball. Other sports you would need a hoop or a field and soccer is more easily played. There are hundreds of soccer stadiums in Europe and other nations of the world.
This year 204 countries tried to get into the world cup and that is just countries. It is just amazing to think of how many people play the sport of soccer in each of these countries and how many people watch and enjoy soccer in all of these countries. There also many associations inside each country like the United States has the Major League Soccer.
I believe soccer is the most popular sport or else they wouldn’t have their own championship of the whole world. It just goes to show you that soccer is getting more and more popular. In 1930, 434,500 people attended the World Cup and in 1994 there were over 3.5 million people who attended that World Cup.
All in all, soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It has more associations than there are of football teams combined. Soccer is greatly increasing in the number of people who play and watch the sport. I personally think soccer is better than football, baseball, basketball, and volleyball. It is just more exciting and easily understandable. In the end, soccer will be around for a long time and it will be hard for any sport to be more popular worldwide.

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