The World Is Flat By Thomas Friedman

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“Passage of the DREAM act would add $329 billion to the U.S economy and create 1.4 million new jobs by 2030.”(Guzman and Jara) Young immigrant students that are brought here by their parents are brought here for many reasons, but the most important reason they are here is for a better life through education. Everyone deserves the chance to pursue their goal that they have in life. The DREAM act will not only benefit the families of these you immigrant students, but it will also benefit the rest of their lives. Young immigrant students thrive with that passion that they have to learn and get a better education. In Thomas Freidman book The World is Flat he elaborates and explains the gap at ...view middle of the document...

CP+PQ>IQ like freedmen said that he will rather have a student in his class that has that passion on trying to learn rather than a student that is really smart and doesn’t have that passion for wanting to learn because they are already intelligent. (find quote here about him saying this)I agree with the statement that he says about having an adventurous kid that like to explore and learn new things and that is curious about everything that he wants to expand his knowledge and education. Young immigrant students are the kids that like to learn new things and have the passion of expanding their knowledge on everything. They never get tired of learning new things that will make them a better and smarter person. Which will only benefit them and no one else.
Learn how to learn is also a very big deal and a good way to describe the DREAM act for those immigrant students that like to learn about new things and they always have that passion on learning on their own because they want a better education. The DREAM act will benefit all those young immigrant students that have that passion to learn new things and have a better education for their lives and the DREAM will help all these students out by letting them chase and get their dreams that they have always wanted. The DREAM act will help them out just not by giving them an education but also help out financially. Most of these immigrant students come from a family that doesn’t have a large income. And most of these students go to school districts that are poorly funded and also by them having a poorly funded school district that means that the teachers are less capable because they are paid less and so they don’t have the best educators to help them out and to have a better education. If they come from a district that is poorly funded then they don’t have the resources as the other districts that are well funded and give their students everything that they need. They also have better paid teachers that are more passionate about teaching students better things and help them out more than a teacher that is in a poor district.
Immigrant students want a better life for them and their families they don’t want to struggle like their parents did when they came here to the United States. They had no chance...

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