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The World’s Anti Slavery Convention Of 1840 While Reading This

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The World's Anti- Slavery Convention of 1840 While reading this article by Douglas H. Maynard, I have drawn upon many conclusions tat I was unaware of before. Before reading this, I had no knowledge of the anti slavery convention of 1840. Not only did this convention bring forth an independent proposal in the March 28, 1839, issue of the New YorkEmancipator for a world's convention as a way of pulling together all the anti- slavery forces, but it also had ...view middle of the document...

He thinks this because in his opinion, the convention is best known for its disputes over the rights and admission of the women delegates. The author's final statement re-states the point that the second anti- slavery convention was not nearly successful as the first one, and that this convention of 1840 had played a big part in the on- rushing tide of anti- slavery organizations.My opinion on this subject is in a way very similar to his, but a little different. I agree with him when he writes about how it has made an impact on the world and helped the organization in an overall type of way. The thing that might question the reader though, is that why we had a second anti- slavery convention only three years after the first. Now it could be that things were going fine, but we just felt the need for another, or it could be because the organization was struggling. There are many different views on this and what the possible correct answer is. Overall I do agree with the author and his main ideas about the anti- slavery convention and its effects on people. I think it not only helped the world, but put some slavery believers' thoughts in the right frame of mind.

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