The Write Down Of Impaired Asset; In Chapter 9

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Languages of the Person
There are many ways to communicate from one person to another. One important way that people sometimes don’t even realize is a form known better as non-verbal or non-written communication. Body language is one way to express one’s self, sign language is another way.
Body language can be a very effective form of communication. People may express feelings or even their own personalities can shine through with the use of body language. The shoulders back, puffing of the chest, and head held high show a sign of confidence. A person will listen to a person more that is confident in what they say. A slouch in the shoulders, the head down, and no consistent eye contact ...view middle of the document...

The man just displayed the fact that not all body language is readable. A person may just read all the signs wrong. It can be positive because the speaker can convey underlying feelings that mere words could not express. It positively can help a person by helping to keep an attention span focused on the person. When body language is combined with words it is here, that it is at its most effective state. By combining these two forms of communication they will be able to capture a person’s attention. The listener will also have visual help to fully grasp what the speaker is trying to convey to his or her audience. The addition of one to the other is almost like reinforcements to a battle. The signal is carried forward through more modes of travel. It can negatively affect the conversation if the listener cannot read the body language given to that person. The listener may then lose all attention to the matter at hand. If the person is hard of hearing and the listener is not a loud speaker then the listener almost exclusively relies on body language. If they cannot interpret it correctly, they will miss the whole point of the conversation or even a small part of it. The problem lies in that there is no universal body language that all understand.
Sign language is also form of non-written or non-verbal communication. Almost all of the words are conveyed without the use of oral words. It is most effective when trying to communicate with a person that is deaf or even hard of hearing. It is also very effective in that all signs have a meaning to them. Sign language can be taught to...

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