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The Yellow Wallpaper

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Mengyao Liu
The “yellow wallpaper”, written by Charlotte Gilman, describes the woman’s position in the late 19 century and it is still happen nowadays. The writer portrays the woman who has mental problem meticulously in order to show how his husband controls a feminism woman who does not have power to fight for it. From the perspective of woman and she escapes from imprisonment to liberate, it emphasizes that women not only need the money, time and space, they have to protect their invention of the power and right in the family and society.

The story happens in a period that women are treated as second rate. The woman lives under his ...view middle of the document...

D Anderson. According to the wife, the house is a cage which makes her isolate from the outside. The wife is a believer of feminism. Although she cannot do anything to acquire her own right, her position makes her become crazy later.

Although John thinks the best way to treat the mental illness is to force her not to think about anything such as writing and stay in the loft, her disease not only becomes better, but gets more serious. When the narrator wants to help her husband, he always refuses. It makes her think that she is a comparative burden. Later, she pays all attention on the yellow wallpaper because she thinks the yellow wallpaper is the only thing makes her expect and look forward to watch. When she looks at the wallpaper, she sees “there are a great many women behind and sometimes only one” (39). Since she locks in the room and she wants to escape from the imprisonment, she imagines that she is the woman in the yellow wallpaper. “I can see her out of every one of my window (31)”. It demonstrates that the wife wants to escape from the room and the only way to escape from the room is the window. Therefore, she puts all the hope to the woman and envisions that she can run out of the room. Locking her in the room not only does not work for her illness, but also enhance the illness. She is eager for freedom but she is forced to stay in a cage. While she sees the woman creepy in the wallpaper, she extremely expects the woman can succeed in escaping. In order to let the woman out, she tears all the wallpaper and says “I’ve pulled of most of the paper so you can’t put me back.(42)” They are in the same position. However, the woman in the wall has her help but there is no one can help her escape. after she destroy the wallpaper, she seems like escape from the cage too and feels...

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