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Theater In The Forest Essay

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Sandra K
Assignment 4


Hello Ladies and Gentleman
I am here to discuss with you a most lucrative business venture. I have created a theatre not only unique in its appearance, but also for its location. The play I have chosen to premiere at the opening of this opulent and serene setting also makes this a superb location for the theatre. You may at first be reluctant to invest your hard earned money into this venture, but please listen to me with an open mind. I am sure once you have listened to my proposal, you will want to give this theatre a chance.
If I may, I would like to explain to you how I arrived at my idea as to where I would like to build this theatre.
There is a place called Cook Forest that is in the Allegheny National Park in ...view middle of the document...

The trees stretch higher and higher until the tops of the trees curl and meet together at the center in a circle to create a picturesque canopy. Just imagine building a theater within the walls of the beautiful gathering of trees. The theatre will be built of wood within the canopy of trees and will be dome shaped. The top will have an opening so the audience can see the birds and beautiful blue sky during the day and the stars at night. The theatre will have wooden bench seats and will seat six-hundred. People may access the theater by walking the trails, riding on horseback, by bicycle or horse and buggy which will be provided by the theatre.
The stage will be located in the center, and there will be four openings or aisles that lead to arch doors for the audience to exit and the actors to use. The stage itself will be the earth, grass and flowers so the audience can really feel like they are in an enchanted forest-which leads me to which play I would like use as a premiere for my theatre.
The play I have chosen is a Midsummer Night’s Dream. It involves two sets of lovers, Hermia and Lysander and Helena and Demtrius whose crossed relationships get more confusing by going into a magical forest. IN this forest is a fairy king named Oberon and his satyr named Puck and they use their magic to confuse the lover’s feelings for each other even more so than they already are. There is also tension in the fairy world between King Oberon and his wife Titania. While this is going on, Bottom the weaver and his band of men stumble into the enchanted woods to rehearse a play and Titania uses her magic on the weaver to help him produce a most glorious play.
I hope you will give this proposition a lot of thought and consideration and will choose this for your new financial endeavor.
Thank you.

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