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Theater Of The Absurd And Oppressed

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It has been over 40 years since we achieved our independence, and I personally always
bragged on how far we have come economically, socially, culturally and more so
politically. One never ceases to wonder what transpires [d] during elections. At some
point there exists plenty of room for speculation. Over the past few elections there have
been experiences of tribal clashes or, if you may, ethnic cleansing as our learned friends
would purport. In the same regard we’ve witnessed families being left homeless while
others are rendered widows, widowers, and to a greater extent orphans. It doesn’t
surprise me that some ...view middle of the document...

I by no choice and dictates of mine decided to be born a Luo; I’m married to
a very beautiful lady of the other tribe, if that really matters. It cuts me through the chest
when rumours and propaganda is being propelled against any of our tribes of origin. My
call to Kenyans is plain and simple, from far we’ve come since independence and it is
time for the true Kenyans to stand up against this insanity let us outgrow this absurdity
and embrace one another with loving kisses…
Theatre of Oppression:
Kenya indeed suffers two types of oppression, that is, the commoners’ oppression and the
non-commoners’ oppression.
It is no doubt that Kenyans of all walks of life queued in large numbers to cast their votes
and to exercise their democratic rights. Once this is done it is entirely the responsibility of
the institutions that have been commissioned to ensure that these rights are not subjected
to any form of abuse while fairness and justice is upheld. I totally agree that the elections
were flawed and were marred with so many irregularities, and I also agree 100% that
justice needs to be done to correct the wrongs that were committed by the ECK in
announcing the presidential results.
At what or whose expense should this justice be served?
The commoners’ oppression:

Kenya has made it to the headlines of so many news agencies in the past few weeks for all
the bad reasons; election rigging, ethnic cleansing, arson, looting, rape, you name it.
The person who is mostly affected is you and I, the commoners (mwananchi wa
kawaida). It pains me to see families starving where as they used to produce their own
food. It equally pains to see that small child dying in the hospital for lack of blood. As
our leaders cry foul on the recent elections the commoners have turned into their subject
of oppression. It is again the commoner who is being asked to burn his or her brother’s
property and kill. Here the commoner is indeed...

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