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Theatre Art Investigation Essay

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Investigation Research

In British Pantomime how might the actors playing the roles of Hansel and Gretel in the traditional tale, create the unique actor audience relationship that this theatrical genre relies on?

What’s the relationship between actors and audience?
In every theatrical performance the manner in which each individual actor treats the audience establishes, sustains or varies a particular kind of actor-audience relationship between them.
In some plays all of the actors may adopt the same attitude towards the audience (for example, the entire cast of a production of a Chekhovian drama will usually ignore the audience until the curtain call); in other plays the ...view middle of the document...

Using facial expressions and gestures and expressive movements of the body or limbs in pantomime can help create the relationships between actors and audiences.
The term pantomime is used to cover several different types of movement:
Any movement that tells the audience something significant or meaningful about
a character.
Any movement that tells a story through silent action alone
Any movement that portrays an activity without using the actual objects involved
in the activity.
For a successful pantomime play on the stage:
Use your facial expressions and body movements to communicate your reactions
(physical and emotional) to characters, events, objects and environments.
Give your pantomimed actions and stories a beginning, a middle and an end.

Eye contact and face overall.
In pantomime, a person's face, especially their eyes, creates the most obvious and immediate cues that lead to the formation of impressions. This article discusses eyes and facial expressions and the effect they have on interpersonal communication.
A person's eyes reveal much about how they are feeling, or what they are thinking. Blink rate can reveal how nervous or at ease a person may be. Research by Boston College professor Joe Tecce suggests that stress levels are revealed by blink rates. He supports his data with statistics on the relation between the blink rates of presidential candidates and their success in their races. Tecce claims that the faster blinker in the presidential debates has lost every election since 1980. Though Tecce's data is interesting, it is important to recognize that non-verbal communication is multi-channeled, and focusing on only one aspect is reckless. Nervousness can also be measured by examining each candidates' perspiration, eye contact and stiffness.
Eye contact is another major aspect of facial communication. Some have hypothesized that this is due to infancy, as humans are one of the few mammals who maintain regular eye contact with their mother while nursing. Eye contact serves a variety of purposes. It regulates conversations, shows interest or involvement, and establishes a connection with others.
Even beyond the idea of eye contact, eyes communicate more data than a person even consciously expresses. Pupil dilation is a significant cue to a level of excitement, pleasure, or attraction. Dilated pupils indicate greater affection or attraction, while constricted pupils send a colder signal.
The face as a whole indicates much about human moods as well. Specific emotional states, such as happiness or sadness, are expressed through a smile or a frown, respectively. There are seven universally recognized emotions shown through facial expressions: fear, anger, surprise, contempt, disgust, happiness, and sadness. Regardless of culture, these expressions are the same. However, the same emotion from a specific facial expression may be recognized by a culture, but the same intensity of emotion may not be perceived. For...

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