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Theme Of Love Essay

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Rebecca Kinard
Professor Scollon
English 102 Mondays and Wednesdays at 1:45-3:00
19 February 2014
The main theme of the two poems is love. However, their prospective on the topic differs just slightly. In “Love is Not All” by Edna St. Vincent Millay tells how love will not cure a sickness or injury, but in some way it is still a necessity in life. Whereas in “Since feeling is First” by E. E. Cummings describes how love is more important than logic in the end and how you should not worry about what you are getting out of love because it is essential for a well-balanced life.
The main theme in the two poems is how love is not explainable, but is needed for a well-balanced life. They ...view middle of the document...

She had many great love affairs throughout their marriage. She wrote “Love is Not All” and “Oh Sleep Forever in Latmian Cave” in 1931. These two poems made a fifty two sonnet sequence that describes the start of a love affair to the finish of it. The poem is a Shakespearian sonnet. She uses “nor” as parallelism because “she catalogs the grammatical list of all things that love is not” (Suttor).
The meaning of this poem expresses the meaning of love as something that is unnecessary to life because it does not provide you with things such as food, shelter, and water. Throughout the poem she uses examples to explain his theory. She says that love will not give you good sleep and a home to live in, it will not save a drowning person, it will not cause a man to breathe again, it will not heal a broken bone, and it will not cure diseases. It describes things that love is unable to do in life.
Nevertheless, when an elderly person is married to their spouse for forty years they grow so attached that when the spouse dies their death will not be long after. So we essentially need have love and be loved by others. And that is exactly what Millay says in the last line when she says “many a man is making friends with peace/ even as I speak, for lack of love” (Millay 7-8). She says that even though you need things like water and food you also need love and she says she “might be driven to sell your love for peace” (Millay 12) and she would not replace the love that she has for that cure of a disease or broken bone.
E. E. Cummings based most of his poems based on nature and aspects that are found in it. One of his main beliefs is in natural love. He wrote “Since Feeling is First” in 1926 and his main audience for the speaker was his lover. Throughout the poem Cummings uses an unusual word choice like “wholly kiss you” (Cummings 4). He also used random punctuations to place more emphasis on certain words and meanings. Although you find random punctuations and unusual word choices there is not any rhyme scheme.

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